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Blue Mini Classic Gumball Dispenser Favour

Blue Mini Classic Gumball Dispenser Favour
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Blue Mini Classic Gumball Dispenser Favour

These miniature gumball machines are a guaranteed table pleaser. As a gift or as a decoration just turn the crank and be rewarded with an authentic Double Bubble every time.
Whether you’re having an event for kids or just want to give your wedding guests the chance to feel like kids again, our gumball machine favours are just the sweetest!  Each functioning plastic gumball machine measures 6.35cm x 12.7cm and resembles the classic shape with a red base and top and a Dubble Bubble-logo-decorated clear globe that reveals the colourful gumballs inside.  Just turn the silver coloured crank and a gumball is dispensed below.  The top also screws off for insertion of replacement gumballs. 

50 grams of Dubble Bubble brand assorted colour gum is included.

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  •  (5 of 5)  posted 23-12-2011 8:15 am

    Brilliant idea for kids favours!


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