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90th Birthday Party Supplies

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90th birthday parties are a very important celebration!  Celebrate your ninetieth birthday with the 90th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting, including 90th Birthday Party decorations, invitations, cake toppers, banners and 90th birthday party ideas.  If you don't want to decorate with age or birthday related party supplies, visit our PARTY THEMES and PARTY SUPPLIES pages for more great themes and by party item.

Everyone likes to celebrate their birthday, but the way we do this at various stages of our lives differs greatly. We are in no way ageist at Pink Frosting, but certain realities have to be faced when throwing a birthday party for a 90-year-old. One of those realities is that many of the guests, not to mention to person of honour, are probably a lot frailer than they used to be. They most likely won’t be dancing into the early hours and doing no hands tequila slammers. Or maybe they will be, and if so, good on them. But for the most part, a 90th birthday party will be a quieter event, and we recommend celebrating accordingly. 

Older people tend to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, so you are probably looking at a daytime event. Something like a classy brunch or high tea in the afternoon. Either of these options can be done at home or in a restaurant. You need to look at what works best for you and your budget. There are plenty of places all across the country that do a brunch buffet on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and some of them even offer bottomless mimosas. This means that making omelettes and pancakes won’t be your responsibility and you can just sit back and enjoy the party, but of course you will pay for that convenience. Same goes for the high tea – there are many tea rooms that offer a high tea, complete with scones and jam, cucumber sandwiches, and dainty little cupcakes. However, this is much easier to prepare at home as you can organise all the food before hand and just deal with the clean up after the party is over. Either way, you are going to need 90th birthday party supplies to decorate your home or the hired venue. Since it’s a daytime event, we recommend a pastel colour scheme, so keep that in mind when buying your birthday party decorations, such as balloons, banners and bunting. And of course, the birthday party invitations should reflect the theme of the birthday party, so choose an invitation design from our large range of customisable invitations in lighter tones.

Lastly, the party favours. Our customised glass jars filled with candy are a great way to end off a perfectly quaint and classy event. Or how about a personalised mint tin? We all know how granny and grandpa like to keep candy in their bag to offer the little ones, and a mint tin cuts down the dreaded candy wrapper rustling in the theatre.