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8th Birthday Party Supplies

8th Birthday Party Supplies

Celebrate an 8th birthday party with stylish 8th birthday party decorations and 8th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting - making putting the party together easy and beautiful!  Our team has assembled all the best 8th birthday party ideas and decorations for you to create the perfect party without too much fuss at all!

Goodness gracious me, where does the time go? Eight years old and we are at the cusp of the terrible tweens. They might still feel like your little babies, but eight-year-olds are gaining loads of independence, and can be rather headstrong about what they want. So we suggest taking a step back and allowing them to throw the kind of party they want. Of course you will still have to take care of logistics, such as making sure the invitations have gone out and booking the entertainment, but when it comes to who they invite, what kind of party they want, and how to decorate for it, the time has come to leave it up to them. So move up, log your child onto the Pink Frosting website, and let them start planning their party. 

As is the case with any type of birthday party, we have the birthday party supplies to create the event of your dreams. Starting with the theme, boys and girls have started to go their separate ways by this age, so we’re back to picking gender-appropriate themes. Of course this doesn’t mean girls can’t have birthday parties at the go-cart racetrack and boys can’t have makeover parties. Each child is an individual and the type of party they have is up to them, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to stick to so-called gender norms. That said, having a go-carting party is great fun, and age appropriate, and we have a great selection of car themed birthday party invitations for you to sent to your guests – all personalised of course. Makeover parties are very popular with girls of this age, as it makes them feel like grownups. There are people you can hire who specialise in doing makeovers on children, so hit the search engine and find one in your area. Be sure to do your research though, by reading reviews of the service you use. There have been problems in the past with makeover artists using really cheap makeup on the children, which causes allergic reactions and all sorts. This is definitely something you want to avoid. When it comes to birthday party invitations and other birthday party supplies for this theme, we don’t have a specific makeover party section, but we have plenty of pink, kitsch girly birthday party decorations, invitations and all other birthday party supplies, so you can be rest assured that Pink Frosting has you covered. 

These types of birthday parties generally need to be kept quite small, which means you can spend a little more on the birthday party favours. Why not order our customised 8th birthday party bags and fill them with goodies appropriate to the theme, such as Hot Wheels for the go-carting party, and a makeup kit for the makeover party. Of course the whole event is one big game, so there’s no need for childish birthday party games. Mercy me, your little baby’s all grown up.