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7th Birthday Party Supplies

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7th Birthday Party Supplies

Style up a fun and fabulous seventh birthday celebration with the 7th birthday party supplies and unique 7th birthday party decorations from Pink Frosting.  Our party experts have put together all of the things you need to have a gorgeous party including our great 7th birthday party ideas - no matter what theme or style you adore.

By seven years old, your child has been at school for a couple of years, and probably has a more limited group of friends. This is great news for you as a parent because it means you don’t have to have a big, generic party for the whole class, but rather do something smaller and more intimate – something that is tailored to your child’s developing tastes. Luckily the change in the type of event you are organising doesn’t mean we can’t help you – no matter the type of party you are hosting, Pink Frosting can cover all of your birthday party supply needs. 

Seven-year-olds are pretty much little ladies and gentlemen by this time, so having a party in a public space is not as much of a problem as it potentially may be with younger children. Perhaps your child even has a favourite restaurant they’d like to celebrate their birthday at. Or you could have a destination birthday party, such as at the planetarium, aquarium, or maybe you’re lucky enough that the circus is in town. By this age, they are a little old to play dress up, but if you are opting for a destination birthday party, it makes sense to make that your theme. A planetarium birthday party would be offset nicely with our astronaut birthday party invitations and birthday party favours. They went for the aquarium option? We have a huge range of under-the-sea party decorations and other birthday party supplies. And if the circus is in town, we have birthday party supplies for that too! You get our point. 

If you’re going for a destination birthday party, birthday party games are not really required as the entertainment is being provided by the venue. However, if you’ve decided to stick with having the birthday celebrations in your home, we have some great birthday party game ideas for you. By this age, children are learning cognitive skills, and like to be challenged, so memory games are great fun. For example, put a bunch of items on a tray, have them look at the items for about a minute, then have them close their eyes and take one item off the tray. They have to tell you which item you have removed. They are also getting more crafty by this age, and can handle glue and (blunt-nosed) scissors without too much supervision, so have them make something crafty that they can later give to their parents.