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70th Birthday Party Supplies

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70th birthday parties are a very important celebration!  Celebrate your seventieth birthday with the 70th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting, including 70th birthday party decorations, invitations, cake toppers, banners and 70th birthday party ideas.  If you don't want to decorate with age or birthday related party supplies, visit our PARTY THEMES and PARTY SUPPLIES pages for more great themes.

Like we’ve mentioned before, birthday celebrations are cyclical. For 50th and 60th birthday parties, the birthday boy or girl doesn’t really feel a need to celebrate, and the planning is usually left up to their grown up children. But something happens in the decade between 60 and 70, and the need to celebrate in silliness comes back. Maybe it’s a wisdom that comes with age – a realisation that embracing your silliness is fun. Whatever the reason is, we have the birthday party supplies to make your 70th birthday party and fun and memorable event. 

In the name of fun, you may even want to go back to the idea of a themed party. We love the idea of a “Come as you were” party theme, where the guests dress the way they did in their heyday. With the parents, children, and grandchildren in attendance, there will be a plethora of generations and fashions on display. You might come as a 1960s flower child, while your grown up children will be sporting grungy jeans and plaid shirts, a la Kurt Cobain. Grandchildren of people in their 70s probably consider themselves to be in their heyday right now, so for them it will be more like “Come as you are”. This also means there will be a great selection of music over the various decades that can be played and danced to. 

Since there will be so many styles represented at the birthday party, try to keep the birthday party decorations generic. Bright, fun, and colourful, for sure, but not set to any specific theme. Brightly coloured balloons are a must, and a big “Happy 70th Birthday!” banner. And get some ‘70’ metallic confetti to scatter on the snacks table for a fun, festive feel. When it comes to invitations, choose a design that really pops from our wide selection of designs. This will set the theme for a night of fun, and let your guests know that this isn’t a serious affair. And of course there must be cake! Don’t forget to order your 70th birthday cake candles. 

Since this birthday celebration is all about fun, you don’t need to get too serious with the birthday party favours. A colourful bag filled with a few yummy treats will be sufficient, with a customised note to say thank you for being a party of the celebrations.