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6th Birthday Party Supplies

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6th Birthday Party Ideas

Create an unforgettable 6th birthday party with the gorgeous and unique 6th birthday party decorations and 6th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting.  Our team has put together all the 6th birthday party ideas, decorations, accessories, games and fun things you'll need for the perfect 6th birthday party right here!

Your precious little munchkin is officially a little person, and while that might mean extra work when it comes to organising their 6th birthday party, it also means double the satisfaction. It is Australian law that your child has to be in school by the time the turn six, so chances are that their 6th birthday party will be their biggest birthday celebration yet as they will probably have to invite the whole class. But bigger birthday parties mean more birthday party supplies, and of course, more fun! 

Now that your little one is getting a bit older, they have probably developed slightly more sophisticated tastes. Boys and girls of this age tend to subscribe less to gender norms. Little girls are getting more boisterous, and little boys are, well, getting more boisterous. So when it comes to setting the theme for their 6th birthday party, we recommend keeping things gender neutral. Instead of a standard theme, why not just make it a generic 6th birthday party. Of course you should ask them what colour scheme they want, but they are getting a little bit old for princesses and cowboys. We have a range of personalised birthday party invitations in and style and colour of your choosing, and no matter the colour scheme your child chooses, we have the birthday party supplies to match. Balloons, banners, and all the stuff you need for the food table – you can find what you are looking for in the Pink Frosting online store. 

While it’s true that princess and cowboy themes may be a thing of the past for your child’s birthday party, turning six does present one rather unique theme opportunity. AA Milne wrote a collection of poems based on his characters from Winnie-The-Pooh entitled “Now We Are Six”. Personally we love the book as a gift idea for any six year old as it is something they will be able to keep forever, and maybe one day even pass on to their own child when they turn six. We’re just sentimental like that. If you decide to go in this direction, we have a wide variety of Winnie-The-Pooh themed birthday party invitations, and other birthday party supplies to complement your highly sentimental gift. However, if you decide to go the generic 6th birthday party route, we have everything you’ll need for that too. 

Six years old is when birthday party games start getting really fun. You could stick to the more traditional games, like Hide-And-Go-Seek or Tag. The trouble with kids of this age is that they are starting to get very competitive, but do not have the emotional maturity yet to deal with losing, so you might want to stick with non-competitive games such as Mother May I, Simon Says, or Leap Frog. Whichever birthday party games you choose, make sure they are games that keep the kids active. Six-year-olds have a lot of energy to burn, and the sugar highs from the birthday cake and candy will need to be taken into account. 

As your number of guests will have swelled significantly since last year, you will probably want to keep the cost of the party favours to a minimum. Instead of the personalised candy jars, perhaps put together birthday party bags with customised jellybeans and lollipops.