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5th Birthday Party Supplies

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5th Birthday Party Supplies

Style your 5th birthday party with the beautiful 5th birthday party decorations and 5th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting.  Our team has organised our 5th birthday party ideas into age appropriate selections so you can shop with ease and simply create the perfect birthday party for your 5 year old.

Studies have shown that the average age of adults’ earliest memories is five years old, so the pressure is on to make the memory of your child’s 5th birthday party a spectacular one. But don’t worry – we are here to help. It’s what we do, and what we love to do, so let’s get started with planning this milestone in your little one’s life. 

By the time a child turns five, they will most likely have very strong opinions of what they like and don’t like, so take your cues from them and follow their lead. Once they have let you know what kind of theme they want, you can get started on brining their vision to life with our great selection of birthday party supplies, including invitations, decorations, party favours and cake decorations. 

Right, let’s get started by picking a theme. While it’s true that many five-year-olds will have some ideas when it comes to the kind of birthday party they want, more introverted children might feel more comfortable with making a choice from ideas provided to them instead of coming up with something all on their own. If you need some ideas, we have them. The most popular future career choice for little boys is fireman; so if your munchkin falls into this camp, why not throw him a fire fighter party. Or pirate parties are a nice alternative for a different kind of hero. Under-the-sea parties are always a fabulous choice for girls, because what little girl doesn’t wish she was a mermaid? Or princess parties remain a firm favourite year after year. Five years old is also around when kids start embracing their more creative side, so if your little one like splashing paint about, the Jackson Pollock party theme is a great gender neutral one. Just remember to buy plenty of plastic sheeting to protect your nice things! 

Once the theme is decided upon, it’s pretty much smooth sailing. Whatever theme your son or daughter has chosen, we have a variety of birthday party invitations to choose from to match your theme, and they are all personalised. Whether it’s a fire fighter, pirate, mermaid, or princess party you have decided to go with, we have an array of birthday party decorations to meet your needs, from balloons, banners, tablecloths, cups, plates and napkins. And don’t forget the birthday cake decorations! It’s a brave parent who takes on making their child’s birthday cake, but if that’s the way you have decided to go, we have the birthday cake decorations to match your theme. And while you’re there, be sure to pop five birthday cake candles into your shopping cart. 

If you’re an avid reader of Pink Frosting, you will know by now that we are big believers in party favours. When we are guests at a party, we love being able to take a bit of the joy home with us, so we know your guests will appreciate the thought. Have a look at our customised birthday party favours and choose one to match the party that your five-year-old hosted – with a bit of your help.