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50th Birthday Party Supplies


50th birthday parties are a glamorous celebration!  Celebrate your fiftieth birthday with the 50th birthday party supplies from Pink Frosting, including 50th birthday party decorations, invitations, cake toppers, banners and 50th birthday party ideas. If you don't want to decorate with age or birthday related party supplies, visit our PARTY THEMES and PARTY SUPPLIES pages for more great decorations and supplies.

Like everything else in life, birthday parties are cyclical. Up until you’re about 15, your parents plan your birthday parties for you. Sure, you might have some opinions on who you want to be there, and what you want the theme to be before then, but the real logistics are up to your parents. Then some time in your 40s, you start losing interest in birthday parties. It’s just another year like any other, and why celebrate more wrinkles and grey hair with each passing year? But most 50-year-olds have spouses and kids, and they think you should continue celebrating the anniversary of the day on which you were brought into this world, because they love you, and feel your life and achievements should be celebrated. So they start planning birthday parties for you against your wishes, and even though you think you don’t want it, you usually enjoy it once they happen. The 50th birthday party is more often than not one of those celebrations, and if you’re reading this, then it’s probably because your husband, wife, mom, or dad is turning 50. So let’s make it one they will remember.

Whether or not this celebration is wanted by the soon to be 50-year-old, turning 50 is a relatively big deal. Another decade of achievements, another decade of wisdom, and another decade of appreciation from the people in his or her life. We’re thinking a small gathering of nearies and dearies – close family, friends, and only the best colleagues. Keep turning 50 as the main theme with our wide selection of 50th birthday party supplies instead of having a full on theme. However, if the person being celebrated enjoys a bit of tomfoolery, include a photo booth with a dress up box for their enjoyment. We even sell a kit of props for this very activity. A lot of people around this age don’t really fancy getting dressed up for a whole evening, so forcing the guests to do so would be a bit cruel. When it comes to 50th birthday decorations, we’ve got them by the dozen, from customised balloons and bunting to banners and confetti.

Since there is no ‘theme’ for this party, make the theme the guest of honour. Have his or her spouse make a speech, or do a photo montage Power Point presentation for all the guests. Birthdays are pretty sentimental at this age, so make the birthday man or woman feel really special. And be sure to thank all the guests with a little party favour, like a small bag of candy or a candle. And don’t forget the cake!