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16th Birthday Party Supplies

16th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating a sweet 16th birthday party is a wonderful rite of passage for teenage girls!  This pretty celebration can be celebrated in so many fun ways - a princess theme, a hollywood theme, or everything in 16s.  The team at Pink Frosting have assembled the most amazing selection of sweet 16 party supplies, 16th birthday party ideas and 16th birthday party decorations to help you create the ultimate 16th birthday party. 

We’ve all seen that Sweet 16 reality show on television, My Super Sweet 16. The parties that those parents throw for their children are extravagant and opulent, and very well may put the fear of God into any parent who has to plan one. But it’s best to keep in mind that that is just a television show, and not the bar by which all Sweet 16s should be set. That doesn’t mean that turning 16 years old isn’t a big deal. But most soon to be 16-year-olds don’t need a giant chocolate fountain at their birthday party and a silver Land Rover for their birthday gift. A gathering to show that their friends and family care about them should suffice. 

The type of birthday celebration you and your young adult to choose to have will depend on the type of person they are, but there are three main options. If he or she has a lot of friends, and you have the space at home, you might want to throw them a house party to keep costs down. But if you don’t have the space, hiring a venue is a good option too. Many places offer packages that include a DJ, catering, and venue hire. If you are worried about the under 18s sneaking beers, we recommend looking into halal venues as they will not keep alcohol on the premises. However, as only 2 per cent of Australia’s population is Muslim, finding a halal venue might be a bit of a challenge. Alternatively, you can ask the bar staff to request ID from anyone trying to purchase alcohol at the bar. Whether you choose to have the party at home or at a hired venue, we have the birthday party supplies, from invitations and decorations to party favours and birthday cake decorations. All personalised of course, and in a range of designs. 

Not all teenagers have a millions friends though, so if they are more of a “count my friends on one hand” type, we suggest something like an experience or weekend away. “Experience” is a pretty broad term, but talk to your son or daughter and ask if there is something they have always wanted to do. We’re thinking zip lining or bungee jumping for the adrenaline junkies, or a trip to the theatre or ballet for the more faint at heart. For weekends away, the options in this country are endless – weekend at the beach, a spa getaway for your daughter and a couple of friends, or a good old fashioned walkabout for the more active. For these options, birthday party decorations are not really a necessity, but you’ll still need the invitations and party favours. And after 16 years of experience, I think you’ve found that you can eat birthday cake anywhere, so don’t forget to order those decorations and candles.