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12th Birthday Party Supplies

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12th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate a 12th Birthday Party in sweet stype with the 12th birthday party decorations, 12th birthday party supplies, invitations, favours and more from Australia's leading online party shop, Pink Frosting.  Our range of fun 12th birthday party ideas are a gorgeous way to celebrate and decorate a tween birthday!

Much like 29-year-olds have a big party to celebrate the last year of being in their twenties, 12-year-olds want a big celebration to mark the end of their non-teen years. In many cultures, such as Judaism, turning 13 marks the beginning of adulthood; so turning 12 is really the last hurrah of childhood, and their last chance to have anything resembling a kid’s birthday party. Of course no 12-year-old will admit to still being a child, but as an adult they will look back on this birthday celebration as being just that, so adding childlike elements, albeit very subtly, into your child’s birthday celebrations is like a gift to their future selves.

Over the last few years, you may have dialled the scale of the birthday celebrations down somewhat, encouraging fewer guests and more activity based entertainment. For a 12th birthday party, you’ll want to dial it back up, inviting loads of guests and reintroducing birthday party games. Of course the games will have evolved somewhat as your child’s interest in the opposite sex has increased, so think of games like spin the bottle and truth or dare. Chances are that your 12-year-old will be acting a little too cool for school, so maybe leave the themed party ideas alone for a while. “I’m turning 12!” can be the theme of the day, which we can help you bring to life with our customised 12th birthday party invitations, decorations and party favours.

Because your child considers him or herself a diminutive adult at this stage, they will probably want a birthday party that mirrors the type of celebrations that adults have on their birthdays, so think dancing, wearing fashionable clothes, and savoury eats on the snacks table – minus the tequila shots of course. Tweens and teens are usually quite up to date with the music trends, so there’s no need to bring out the 80s and 90s hits you played at your last birthday. Music choice should definitely be top of the pops, which might leave you scratching your head thinking, “How do they dance to this stuff?”, but the kids will love it.

Birthday cake is a fixture at every birthday celebration, from the 1st to the 100th, and cool as your 12-year-old may think he or she is, this birthday celebration is no exception. However, as you’re leaving the obvious birthday party themes out of this one, it’s probably best to stick to a bog standard birthday cake as well. But don’t forget the birthday cake candles – they are an absolute must year on year.