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10th Birthday Party Supplies

10th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate your son or daughter's 10th birthday party with some stylish 10th birthday party decorations and 10th birthday party supplies sourced from Pink Frosting's online party shop.  Because we know parties, we have assembled all of the 10th birthday party ideas from our thousands and thousands of gorgeous goodies that suit 10th birthday parties perfectly.  Enjoy creating a stylish celebration!

Congratulations! We have finally hit double digits! 10 years old is when a lot of kids start to feel more like grown ups, and they want this reflected in their birthday party. Chances are that by this stage they have their own ideas about the kind of birthday party they want, and whom they want to invite. So let them take the lead in telling you what they want, but it’s good to be prepared with some options in case your little budding astronaut wants a trip to the moon to celebrate turning 10.

Much like the 9th birthday party, the 10th birthday party should be driven by activities rather than themes. What’s nice about the tween years is that your child probably has a select group of friends and is part of a clique, so the type of birthday party they decide to have will most likely be governed by the person they are and the other kids they hang out with. Taken a keen interest in arts and crafts at school and hanging with the artsy crowd? How about an art jamming party? Are they the sporting type, blossoming into a full-fledged jock? We like the idea of going to a premier league sporting event with a friend or two. Or perhaps you’re a parent to a budding science geek. Bet they’d love a trip with a couple of friends to the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, if you happen to live in Syndey or its surrounding areas. The nice thing about getting out of the house for the birthday celebrations is that you don’t have to get too caught up in the decorating. Of course we would never suggest you leave it out completely! You do need to come back to the house for cake and present opening, so a few birthday party decorations and cake decorations and candles will be needed. Nothing too over the top though – maybe just a few balloons, a customised “Happy 10th Birthday” banner or some bunting.

Even though the chances are that this birthday party won’t be huge in terms of the number of guests, this doesn’t mean you can get away with not doing invitations. Customised invitations are an absolute must for any party, no matter how small the gathering. And don’t forget the birthday party favours. We have a wide range of small tokens of appreciation, from customised candles to bags of sweets.