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Wedding Planning & Budgets

Wedding Budgeting and Planning Tools

Whether you’ve a budget of $10,000 or $100,000 you can have the wedding of your dreams – with careful budgeting, planning and creativity!  From setting budgets to seating your guests, learn all the tips and tricks you need to make your fairytale wedding a reality.

June 21, 2012

Fun Ideas for your Wedding Photos

Planning your wedding you need to invest in certain things to make your day flawless. One service that will cost you a pretty penny is the wedding photography. After you have meet with and chosen your photographer, the next thing you will need to do Is schedule in a few meetings to go over the schedule for the day, what photos you want such as getting ready before the ceremony, photographs during ceremony, reception, the family photographs (usually done after the ceremony).   more »

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June 10, 2012

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

The minute you mention the word “Wedding” costs will go up. As we come out of a GFC and watch the banks hover over interest rates, couples planning their weddings stick to their mantra “Budget. Budget. Budget.” Many married couples I have spoken to about their own weddings and receptions all said that the magic word “Wedding” would hike prices up and brides are taking on a more DIY approach to their wedding to keep to the budget. I was no different in planning our wedding, and also experienced vendors increasing prices. Feeling feint as I read an e-mail from a photographer who charged $5000 for two hours and after that we were not allowed to keep the negatives!   more »

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February 1, 2012

Is that an Engagement Ring I see?

Okay. I have just done the Jasmine Happy Dance for all of the newly engaged women out there. Now the fun and sometimes chaotic planning begins. So, you are basking in the light of your new little gem on your ring finger. Looking lovingly at each other all is good in your world   more »

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December 17, 2011

Summer Wedding Flowers

In summer, everything is accentuated – the heat settles like a blanket around your shoulders, the air is heavy with humidity, the sun is scorching and palpable.  Why on earth would anyone ever decide to get married in summer! Well, the flip side of this is the intoxicating fragrance of summer blooms, lazy, hazy afternoons, tropical flavours and days that last forever.  Summer is a heady season - what better time for a wedding?   more »

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December 13, 2011

A Touch of Vintage

One of the many perks that comes from writing for Pink Frosting is I get to buy up big on all things wedding in the name of research. As I pour over pictures and stories from magazines, sit and study celebrity weddings I find myself whisked away in all the romance and whimsy.   more »

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November 30, 2011

Wedding Ringing in the New Year

Has anyone put their New Year resolutions together now? I have begun to think about mine, but have not set anything down yet. Every year I write down to eat healthy and exercise. This time I am considering learning something new like Cheerleading or dancing (me in lycra – tee hee!)   more »

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November 22, 2011

Engagement Rings 101

Marriage proposals are a wonderful thing.  Each and every proposal is a special, unique story filled with love, happiness and excited energy.  Over the years, as friends of mine have announced their engagement, the first thing I want to hear is the infamous marriage proposal story.    more »

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November 15, 2011

How to be a Bridesmaid

Yay! A wedding! Your nearest and dearest is on the path to matrimony and whilst you are admiring her new sparkler on her ring finger, she is gushing about the proposal, the date and her dress and then she grabs your hands, looks into your eyes and asks you to be her Bridesmaid.   more »

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November 9, 2011

Wedding Planner vs Do It Yourself

Back in 2001, Jennifer Lopez starred in the Hollywood movie The Wedding Planner.   Let’s not forget the spunky Matthew McConaughey also starred.   This movie provided an insight into the secret world of wedding planning with everything from the glamour and fashion through to the hard work required to pull off such an important event.    more »

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October 22, 2011

Ideas for Groomsman & Best Man Gifts

Grooms may enjoy receiving gifts in honour of their wedding more than giving them to the wedding party, but the custom of giving the best man and groomsmen gifts for taking place in your special day is an important part of wedding planning. Whether you opt to buy personalised gifts or useful ones (or a combination of the two), grooms everywhere can find the perfect gifts their groomsmen deserve.   more »

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October 19, 2011

Kardashian Wedding 101

Well on Tuesday and Wednesday night E! screened the most anticipated wedding of the week, no the  month, no the year, no the decade, no the century, no, in like forever! That is right, I sat down and watched the lead up and the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries with my 20 year old brother who spent the whole two nights complaining about how all he wanted to watch was a show on Quick Trim and not have it interrupted with some wedding show (ahhh yep).   more »

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October 12, 2011

The Football Wife

Deciding on your wedding date you take some things into consideration like sentimental or superstitious reasons, to accommodate family and friends travel plans, the seasons, the location, and whether or not the place you picked out is available on the day you want. For brides who find themselves set to marry a die-hard footy fanatic may also have to consider the football season.   more »

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September 29, 2011

Wedding Gift Registries - the Good, the Bad & the Greedy

When it comes to the wedding registries it requires a balance between what you want and what your guests can afford. You need to take into consideration their situations, how far they will be travelling to attend your wedding and their accommodation expenses. You don’t want to be seen as greedy and your loved ones don’t want to offend you either. So begins the gift registry tango!   more »

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September 25, 2011

Good Luck Wedding Dates

Have you recently become engaged to your gorgeous man? Are you feeling a bit lost about where to start with your wedding planning?  One of the most popular questions you are likely to hear from now on is, “So when’s the big day?”  Deciding on the date of your wedding is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make, as this date will be your wedding anniversary for the rest of your life!    more »

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September 22, 2011

Summer Wedding Colour Palettes

With summer quickly approaching, couples planning their weddings may struggle with choosing colours. Selecting the correct colours can set the ambiance of your event and will be remembered forever in photos and the memories of your guests. Many couples can look at popular fashion magazines for inspiration, and many websites, such as Pink Frosting, enable you to look at wedding decorations by colour.  Here is an overview of popular summer wedding colours for the warmer season ahead and what their hues can signify.   more »

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