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Wedding and Party Ideas

Life is measured by milestones – a first birthday, a wedding, a first baby, an anniversary – and planning the parties that celebrate life's most precious occasions can be just as memorable and fun as attending them! Pink Frosting's expert party and wedding planners not only shop the world to bring Australia the very best party and wedding decorations, wedding favours and unique wedding invitations, but they have also compiled amazing party planning tips, wedding planning advice and baby shower ideas for first-time planners and expert hostesses alike! At Pink Frosting, you'll find your inspiration to celebrate in style.

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easterdecorations.jpg February 17

The Family Easter Party

We try not to make it all about the chocolate by adding in a gift like a story book. The day is then spent together enjoying treats and reading books. But this year we want to organise a little Family Easter Party with their Aunty, Uncle and cousins. Setting it outdoors, making use of our back patio and grassy backyard we will have Easter decorations in bright, fun colours...  read more »

easterbonnets.jpg February 26

Easter Bonnet Parades

Every time in the lead up to Easter, schools will put on an Easter Bonnet Parade. Parents are required to summon the Gods of Creativity and Patience as they buy out shelves of cotton balls, craft glue and stacks of cardboard and set about putting together a cute and festive bonnet depicting all things Easter. My mum with four kids is a pro when it comes to turning out Easter bonnets and Book Week costumes.  read more »

starcookies.jpg February 29

Home Made Easter Treats

Alright Easter is coming up and you are wondering what to do this year. You see the shelves bursting with chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes but you want to maybe try something a little different, more personal this time round. You want to make your Easter treats this year and want some ideas on what you can make.  read more »

easterspringsetting.jpg March 3

Easter Themed Baby Shower

Are you or someone you know expecting the pitter patter of little feet over the Easter holiday? Are you organising a little or big “get-together” for it? Have you thought about making the most of the Easter festivities by incorporating Easter into the baby shower? The religious aspect aside, Easter is about new life (and chocolate) – hence the images of hatching fluffy chicks and frolicking lambs in the paddock  read more »

eastercenterpiece.jpg March 1

Hop Down the Aisle! Easter Wedding Ideas

Are you getting married on or around Easter? Are you going to incorporate Easter into your ceremony and reception? Would you like to do this but need some nudges in the right direction? Hmmmm…let’s see what we can come up with then!  To give your wedding decorations a touch of Easter without going over board is easy.  read more »

9203-e01a.jpg March 16

Ideas for Bringing Easter Decorations into your Home & Office

My earliest and fondest memories of Easter time was meeting up with my cousins in Somerset England in the springtime where we would go egg rolling in the green hills! Those were the days when Easter wasn’t so commercialised and you looked forward to spending time with family and having some home made fun!  read more »

9203-e02b.jpg March 15

Easter Table Decoration Ideas

Easter is the perfect time to get creative with the kids........its a long weekend (that we all hang out for), its a way to celebrate the end of summer, and, other than Australia Day and Christmas - its the only other annual ‘decorating’ moment on the calendar.  For us, we always go away camping every Easter to a friend’s place by the river in Orange NSW.    read more »

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