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Wooden Wedding Signs - A Must-Have Wedding Trend


Wedding trends come and go pretty fast, so when a good one comes along, it’s a good idea to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. We know the rustic wedding theme has been on trend for a while, so if that’s the look you are going for, then this will fit right in. We are of course talking about wooden wedding signs

Wood is a fantastic way to bring a bit of country chic into your wedding theme, but you don’t want to go overboard or your reception room will look like a timber yard. What you are after is small touches of wood throughout the venue – not so much that your guests think it’s a wood themed wedding, but just enough to accentuate your rustic look. Here are a few ways you can achieve that. 

Table numbers

Family feuds have started around these seemingly innocent things. You spend hours poring over your seating plan trying to make sure that Aunt Edna and Uncle Saul are a suitable distance apart because she never quite got over that time he told her she looked fat in that frock. Eventually you seat her between the groom’s second cousin once removed and that girl you never spoke to in high school, but now she works in your office, and it turns out old Edna had a fling with the cousin back in the ‘70s. Yes, seating plans are a nightmare, so you may as well make the tables look suitably rustic with out Good as Gold classic wedding table numbers. 

Wooden Table Numbers

Chair backers

There’s a reason why film directors insist on having a chair with “Director” written on the back. And no, it’s not so they can remember which chair is theirs. It’s because it tells them, and everyone else on set, that they are the most important person in the room. Well, on your big day, you are the director. You are Quentin Tarantino, with better hair. So it stands to reason that you should have your title on the back of your chair. Our “Mr & Mrs” wooden chair backers come in Gold Promises and Silver Shimmer, so they will go with any theme. Although, to be fair, after your fourth glass of champagne, using them to remember which chair is yours will be a handy perk. 

Chair Backers

Monogrammed bunting

Who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? It’s fun, it’s festive, and it lets your guests know where the party is happening. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of good, old fashioned flag bunting, but is your are wanting to seamlessly run the wood theme through your wedding, then the monogrammed wooden bunting is where it’s at. You can order as many as you like with the letters of your choice to spell out whatever you want. Popular choices include “Love”, or “Mr & Mrs”, but you can have a bit more fun with it if you like. We like “Mutual weirdness forever”.

Wooden Wedding Bunting

Wooden Wedding Signs

Personalise your wedding tables with the new timber wedding signs that are taking weddings by storm!  These beauties are cut especially for you and include your own text, names, wedding date or whatever information you're wanting to share.  Get creative with the text and design, and because they come "raw" you and hubby-to-be can paint them any colour you want or embellish them with decorations, rhinestones or fabric for a truly personalised look.  Here are some of our favourites:

Mr & Mrs Stacked Names Wooden Wedding Signs
Mr & Mrs Surname Wedding Signs
Heart Wedding Sign with Personalisation
Heart Wedding Names with Personalisation
Personalised Wooden Wedding Names
Mr & Mrs Wedding Signs
Personalised Mr & Mrs Heart Wedding Signs
Mr & Mrs Free Standing Wedding Signs
Mr & Mrs Freestanding Wedding Signs
Personalised Names with Wedding Hearts Signs

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