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White Wedding Bouquet Ideas


Undoubtably, white is the most popular choice for brides with their wedding bouquets.  In all the various hues of white - brilliant, milky, creamy, ivory and blush - white is the pure and romantic choice for most brides and can be the prettiest as well.  There are so many choices of white flowers available, no matter what season or location you are getting married.  There are perfect white blossoms for beach weddings, garden weddings, formal weddings and winter weddings.  White flowers also come in so many shapes and sizes, you could be spoilt for choice!  Think enormous Casablanca Lilies in contrast to tiny snowberries. 

Your choices for a white wedding bouquet can be casual or formal - a tight dome or posy or roses, or a single stem Cala Lily.  It can be dressed up or down with lace, ribbons, taffeta, tulle, feathers or crystals.  And, you can have greenery or not - white can stand alone perfectly if you wish.

The classic white flowers to choose from include:

  • Cala Lilies - Tall and long, perfect with elegant and simple contemporary gowns.  Can be used as a single stem as well as in a bouquet.
  • Orchids - White orchids look contemporary when used in a draping cascade bouquet.
  • Peonies - Peonies have become a classic wedding flower and their whispy petals bunched and pillowy make a beautiful dome or nosegay bouquet.
  • Casablanca Lilies - Big billowing ruffles as petals, the Casablanca lily has the added bonus of heady fragrance.
  • Freesias - Pretty fresias may have been your grandmother's favourite flowers.  Small and tubular, they look pretty in garden bouquets.
  • Tulips - Tulips are very delicate in bouquets and may wilt, but when your florist can arrange good quality blooms, they look amazing when bunched together.
  • Tea Rose - White roses may just be the most classic bouquet flower.  Tea roses have frothy petals bunched quite tightly and make classic and beautiful wedding bouquet flowers.
  • Sweet Peas - For a garden bouquet, there probably isn't a better choice than an English sweet pea which makes a casual and pretty bouquet.
  • Garden Rose - The garden rose is a lovely choice for a bridal bouquet especially when home grown.  The garden rose is less petally than the Tea Rose, but has added interest as you can see the stamen.
  • Gardenias - Gardenias make heady aromatic flowers for a bridal bouquet.  At their best, they are waxy and look beautiful against dark green foliage.
  • Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas are making a big comeback as a wedding flower right now.  The white hydrangea has small petals bunched together in a larger flower.  They make a pretty, snowy bouquet.
  • Stephanotis - There are some beautiful examples of wired stephanotis flowers used to make small but classic posies for brides and bridesmaids. 

Here are some beautiful examples of white bouquets to give you some ideas for your wedding day.

Above - a contemporary bouquet of peonies tied with twine, perfect for a casual garden soiree.  Image: Sangmaestro.

Above:  Peonies, hydrangeas and roses all make classic white bouquets.  Images:  Fashionbride.

Above:  Stephanotis bouquet with pearl corsage pins by Moments in Color.

Above:  White freesia bouquet makes a frangrant and pretty garden wedding bouquet.  Image:  Branching Out Events

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