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Which Witch is Which Halloween Party Theme Ideas


Witches feature heavily in fairytales, modern stories and traditional legends such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Meg & Mog and Bewitched.  Just about everyone has a favourite witch no matter what your age, so why not host a Which Witch is Which Halloween party this year to celebrate witches – good, bad and ugly!


Invite guests to your Which Witch is Which halloween party with a Halloween or Witch themed party invitation.  We love the Spooky Spider invitations at Pink Frosting’s online party shop.  Use some spooky wording to start the theme rolling with your guests:

Which witch is which?  Only our creepiest guest knows!

Do you cackle with an apple?  Do you wriggle your nose?

Put on your witches hat, hop on your broom,

Grab your black cat, and prepare to zoom!


Decorate your party room with witches lanterns hanging from the ceiling, brooms next to the doors, bats attacking guests from the roof, massive spider webs in every corner, haunted house table centrepieces with big scary spiders hanging off the edges, and don’t forget to play a Haunted House noises CD to really make your guests frightened! 


Play “Which Witch is Which” – the guessing game that brings to life your favourite witches from childhood stories and movies.  To prepare, simply create some cryptic witch clues (remember that if the players are little kids, keep the questions really simple and based on fairytales and childhood stories) and have plenty of witch prizes ready for those who win the game.  You could also play “Celebrity Witch” where five guests wear a witches hat with the name of a famous witch on it, and they have to guess who they are!

For little kids, we love the idea of a witches broom race.  Here are some fun ideas from Celebrations:

  • Simply have a starting line and finishing line. The little witches line up in “broom riding position.” The have to race at the sound of the whistle but here’s the catch – no hands allowed on the broom.
  • Three-legged broom race – it’s the same concept as a regular three-legged race except the brooms are tied together instead of the legs! Break the witches off into teams of three and tie their three brooms together. Each team races to the finish line and the team that has all three girls at the end, wins! **This is great for building team work as the girls have to go at the same speed and help each other.
  • If you don’t have much room, put some funky Halloween tunes on your iPod and hand each girl a broom. Tell them they have to make up a 30 second choreographed dance incorporating their brooms. The witch with the most bewitching moves is the winner.


Noone does Halloween better than Americans, so you simply have to check out the fun Halloween Party dinner menus and ideas over at Hostess Blog which is an American party planning website.  We particularly love the Boo Spaghetti, Slithering Snake Sandwich, Eyeball Taco Salad and the Ghost of Montecristo Sandwiches!  Serve “poisoned” Halloween cocktails, such as a Black Widow Martini:

2 oz black vodka
.5 oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
2 oz blackberry or grape juice
black licorice and sugar for garnish (optional)

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with black licorice and add a plastic black spider to the stem of the martini glass.

Finish with some spooky Halloween cupcakes and you have a feast to tame the hungriest witches!

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