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Wedding Veil Trends


The one element that makes a bride a bride is her wedding veil.  Lifting the veil is an ancient wedding ritual, symbolising the groom taking possession of his wife.  But for most women today, the veil functions as a fashion accessory that conceals her bridal beauty from her groom until he becomes her husband.

Choosing the right veil

“Always consider the style of your dress and where your wedding is located,” says leading international bridal accessories designer, Justine Murray, who owns Justine M Couture and The Tiara Room, available exclusively at Pink Frosting in Australia and New Zealand.

“For example, a beach wedding with a lighter weight gown, would complement a soft waterfall style veil with lighter beading or pearls to pick up on the elements of your surroundings.”

Justine also advises that brides should consider how much sunlight there may be when choosing the correct veil.  “Bright sunlight combined with a full gathered, bright white veil can pull a little too strongly on camera and appear thicker and brighter than it might appear when you are trying it on in a bridal store with low spot lighting.”

Lifting the veil on style trends

“We’re seeing a distinct shift away from fully gathered poufy veils, especially as these veils tend to suit a younger woman in her early 20s,” says Justine.

Brides, from their mid 20s to late 30s, are moving towards a more subtle soft style of veil, with a fine-to-medium gather on the comb.  The classic traditional and cascade veils are as popular as ever, but Justine says individuality is being created with the use of unusual veil trimming such as feathers, vintage lace or gemstones.

French tulle, also popularly known as Russian net, is also a very affordable and stylish trend.  “While this was always popular in the 50s for brides wearing suits, we are now designing exquisite veils combined with hair jewellery to complement the fullest and most formal of bridal gowns,” Justine says.

Match your veil to your dress

If your dress is ornate, wear a plain veil. A simple dress, however, can work with either a plain or ornate veil. Any adornment on the veil, such as beading, crystals, ribbon, lace or embroidery, should start below where your dress decoration ends.  For example, ornamentation on a cathedral veil should cover only the bottom third.

If you like a certain veil, ask the designer if she can cut it for you in the thickness you desire.  Most good designers offering couture veils will happily accommodate your requests and allow you to select from fine-to-full gather with an assortment of trims, beading and lengths to complement your gown and requirements.

“And don't forget, your veil should be slightly lighter than the colour of your gown,” Justine advises.  “This way you avoid the veil appearing too yellow against your gown fabric colour.”  But if you are borrowing a vintage veil from your mother or grandmother, don’t try to dye it to match your wedding dress – its charm lies in its age. 

Veils for brides on a budget

Justine Murray’s advice is to keep it simple.  “You hear this all the time, but when it comes to veiling, a simple trimmed edge or raw cut edge will keep you well within your budget.”

Justine advises that “tulle quality is everything” and suggests that brides look for a veil with a very soft, high-grade tulle that will fall gently.  “You will pay a little more for this, but the tulle quality determines how expensive your veil looks.”

If you find a veil shape you love, ask if this veil can be cut without the trim or lace edging if you want to save money - it is typically beading, lace, length and layers that will add to your cost. 

“And consider wearing a single layer or, if you must wear a blusher, consider making the blusher raw cut and keep the detail on the sides or bottom of the train,” Justine says.  “And don’t forget, the classic elbow length veil is always so pretty and elegant, it adds a simply sweet element to your look.”

A beautiful range of wedding veils in many styles to suit the latest trends and styles are available to buy at Pink Frosting's online wedding shop.

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