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Wedding Theme Trends


As the wedding season kicks off and we are seeing some sensational and exquisite ways brides are transforming their big day into something very special and unique. This year we are seeing some very dominate trends in wedding themes. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop we have put together the top ten wedding theme trends that are standing out in the next wedding season!

Here are our top ten!

1 – Vintage inspired by the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’

Vintage has been a trend in wedding dresses and wedding themes that have exploded over the past few years. This time vintage is taking on a whole new level of decadence. Taking a page of inspiration from a classic, The Great Gatsby, the 1920’s have never looked so good and the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop has everything you need to transform your wedding day into the roaring twenties. The 1920’s were full of glitz and glamour so when theming your wedding around the idea of the Great Gatsby, Art Deco was the style of design that marked this era. Glimmering gold’s, lavish lace, strings of pearls and gorgeous headpieces make for a great starting point to this theme. At the Pink Frosting Wedding shop there is an exquisite range of vintage wedding supplies to get your roaring twenties wedding into full swing. Imagine decadent lace wedding invitations to set the scene for your guests. At your reception you can set up an old fashion scotch whiskey and cigar lounge for your guests to indulge in! Use ostrich feathers, gold and silver sequins and strings of pearls draped across the tables allowing your guests to become ‘of the moment’ in the Art Deco era.

2 – Sorbet

With the season of summer in full heat in Australia, its only natural the next trend in wedding themes for 2013 is the colours from succulent sorbets. Sorbet wedding colours are light and delicate, they are perfect for the spring and summer wedding seasons. Think cool mints, ice blues, soft creams and dusty pinks, this trend has certainly caught our eye at the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop. The sorbet theme creates the feeling of freshness and benefits from being in an outdoor setting. This colour scheme can really let everything else fall into place, from your wedding invitations to picking your wedding favours; sorbet themed weddings are a fresh and very popular choice.   


An array of bright, bold and beautiful colours has hit the bride’s of Australia’s tables.  The easiest way to make a bold statement at your wedding is with colour, and it’s not just the decorations we are seeing in bright and beautiful colours! This year we are seeing the revelation of the statement wedding dress, brides are no longer limited to whites they are daring to be different and walking down the aisle in ruby reds, bold blues and luminous lavenders. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop we love the styling from modern brides, thinking outside the box and using an amazing range of colours to make a statement on their big day.                 

4 – A key feature piece

Deciding on your wedding budget is a key tool to planning your dream wedding. One trend the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop has seen brides do this season is making one piece of their wedding, either at the ceremony or reception, a lavish feature and then compromise on some other aspects on their big day. We have seen brides create a magical atmosphere with the illusion of spending big with just highlighting one key feature like Over-The-Top Flowers but they pared down the menu and drinks. This way having one or two lavish items at the reception and tone down more on other features allows brides to save on their budget and still have the magical wedding of their dreams.

5 – Backgrounds

Whether it’s for the head table, candy buffet or a photo booth feature background is a popular trend for the coming wedding seasons and the possibilities are endless! Your theme and colour palette will determine your options for a backdrop. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop our top ideas for a feature background are, fairy lights hanging behind sheer fabric, strips of fabric (coloured to your theme) draped down from rope with beaded and jewelled garlands, strings of ombre clothes pegs (perfect for behind a candy buffet), a variety of paper lanterns, pinwheels and paper fans hanging at different levels is a great backdrop for behind the bridal table and our final choice is personalised buntings on a wallpaper background perfect for a photo booth. A background makes for a gorgeous feature and set the tone for the rest of the room. Some ideas on where to put a feature background are; bridal table, for a photo booth, candy or food buffet, alter or a gift table.

6 – Covered Table Centre Pieces

Your table centrepieces have always been a gorgeous feature at the reception, being able to style your tables to indulge your guest into your theme is always a fun part of the decorations. This year we are seeing a strong pattern in the way brides are setting out their tables, steering away from tight neat symmetrical line formations of yesteryear and letting centrepieces take their natural forms. The use of wild and native flowers assembled in birdcages has taken number one spot in table decorating themes for this season. Covered centrepieces and allowing flowers to take their natural shape is going to be a key feature in the upcoming wedding season.

7 –Do it the way you want to!

We all know planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in our life, but it is also one of the most memorable. Brides and grooms are stepping away from the traditional styles of weddings and putting the fun back into their wedding after all it is your day. This year we are seeing brides skip on the traditions and making their wedding about the joining of two souls. Opting out of the big white wedding at a church and having a lavish reception with 200 of your closest friends and family and having a more low key ceremony and reception at an intimate and personal location that tells a story of your life together, let your guests be swept away and be involved in the beginning of your life together. Outdoor picnic weddings and afternoon tea style weddings are two themes that are trending around the wedding world.

8 – Patterns!

The fashion world has seen an explosion of patterns and prints take over clothes this season and the wedding world is no different! From table runners to backdrops, to the bridal party and grooms men, splashes of patterns are going to be HOT this wedding season. So who takes the number one spot as king of the patterns for this wedding year? None other than Mr Chevron of course. At the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop we have seen chevron splashed across table settings and back drops to make for the perfect addition to a wedding. But chevron is not the only pattern that’s taken us by storm, the runners up also need a special mention, stripes, gingham and paisley and even some daring brides with polka dots!

9 – Hand Made

This year brings us into the year of adding a touch of handmade style to your wedding day. Starting with your wedding invitations hand painted by an artistic aunty or photographs of the bride and grooms life together in a collage of photos for your save the date cards! For your wedding decorations use handmade paper fans, pom poms, paper cranes  and lanterns all hanging beautifully around your reception really adds a personal touch to your wedding. Send your guests home with something they can actually use with homemade jams in miniature jars as a wedding favour! Your options are endless when it comes adding a touch of handmade to your wedding.

10 – Country Vineyard style with a hint of rustic

Our final wedding theme trending now has been something we have seen popping up for years but this time it’s in full bloom! Country style weddings at vineyards, on farms surrounded by rustic scenery are going to be a very popular choice. Natural beiges, luscious greens and wooden wonders are your starting point with this very natural and glamorous theme.  Let your styling evolve from the natural beauty of your surroundings and adding in some key feature pieces like personalised buntings, chalkboards featuring the menus or used as a backdrop and burlap woven bags filled with sweets, handmade soaps, olive oil or a sample of wine from the vineyard as wedding favours. Nature is your biggest advantage with this theme and using it to your full advantage when styling and matching your wedding decorations to your locations.

This is going to be an extraordinary and glamorous year for brides and the team at the Pink Frosting Wedding Shop and we are excited to see these top ten themes delivered across bride’s tables for the year to come.

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