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Wedding Day Running Sheet


No matter how big or small your wedding day will be, having a running sheet for everyone involved in planning the ceremony and reception will mean fewer mistakes and mishaps on the day.  The last thing you want is to be dealing with confused wait staff when you want to enjoy the first moments of being husband and wife with your wedding guests. 

There are formal and informal ceremonies, receptions that respect traditions and cultural ideals and modern receptions that are a chance to party with friends.  Whatever you decide, it's important that you decide on a realistic timeframe for each important activity and have it prepared for everyone involved.  Be prepared to be flexible on the day as unexpected changes may need to be made due to weather, catering problems, and longer than expected speeches, but all in all, everyone will enjoy the day more with a running sheet in hand. 

Before you put together your running sheet, talk to the vendors involved in the day.  Your florist should be able to tell you well before the day when and where they will deliver the flowers.  The same goes with your cake maker, the decorations team, celebrant etc.  Talk with the MC and wait staff about their schedules and take in their ideas to ensure the day flows smoothly.

Here is a sample running sheet for you to begin with.

10.00am }  Bridesmaids and Bride to begin hair and makeup

11.00am }  Flowers to be delivered to reception venue, ceremony site, hotel room of the bride and groom's preparation room.

11.30am }  Wedding Photographer to arrive at bride's hotel room.

12.00pm }  Lunch delivered to bride and groom to share with attendants

12.30pm }  Photographer to visit groom's preparation room.

1.00pm }    Decorators to prepare ceremony site.

1.30pm }    Photographer returns to bride for photographs of preparations.

2.00pm }    Celebrant to arrive at ceremony site.  Met by wedding planner or a friend of the couple.

2.30pm }   Wedding Cake to arrive at reception venue and decorators to begin preparation at reception venue.

2.45pm }  Guests begin to arrive at ceremony site.  Groom and attendants arrive at ceremony site.

2.50pm }   Bride leaves her room and begins journey to ceremony site. 

2.59pm }  Driver contacts designate at wedding ceremony to ensure everything is in place for bride's arrival.  If ok, slowly arrives.

3.00pm }  Ceremony music begins.  Bridesmaids begin walk down the aisle, followed by bride.

3.30pm }  Ceremony finishes and bride and groom sign the wedding registry.

3.40pm }  Family photographs at ceremony site before couple leaves with their attendants for photographs.

3.40pm }  Guests are served champagne and nibbles at ceremony site.  Entertainment may include music.

6.00pm }  Pre-dinner drinks and canapes at reception site.

7.00pm }  Guests enter the reception and take their seats.

7.15pm }  MC welcomes guests and the bride and groom enter the reception.

7.30pm }  Father of the Bride gives his speech.

7.35pm }  Entrees are served.

8.00pm }  Best man gives his speech.  Toast to the bridesmaids.

8.15pm }  Bride gives her speech.

8.25pm }  Groom gives his speech.  Toast to the parents.

8.30pm }  Main course is served.

9.30pm }  Wedding cake is cut.

9.40pm }  First dance of the bride and groom.

9.45pm }  Guests join the dancing.

10.00pm }  Dessert is served.

10.30pm }  Tea and coffee is served.

11.30pm }  Garter toss and bridal bouquet toss.

11.45pm }  Bride and Groom departure.

12.00pm }  Reception ends and guests depart.

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