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Wedding Cake Trends


Discover the latest wedding cake trends and fashions from the expert team at Pink Frosting.  Here are our top trends you can incorporate into your wedding cake:


Traditional fruitcakes have moved aside to make way for decadent mud cakes, carrot cakes, marble cakes, ice cream cakes and even cheesecakes.  If you love vanilla cream but your groom adores chocolate, then consider a multi-layered cake.  Some couples are even choosing delicious chocolate, mocha or jam fillings.  The choices are endless!

There are many types of icings to choose from too.  While some cakes are still covered in traditional soft white icing, white chocolate icing is also in vogue.  If you want a very smooth, elegant look, then consider rolled fondant icing.


Clean, classic designs, many of which echo bridal gown fabrics or detailing, are all the rage.  And while the traditional circle is still a popular shape, hearts, squares, ovals and hexagons are also firm favourites.  For a multidimensional affect, mix different shaped cakes together, such as round tiers on square tiers. 

Traditional tiers are still a popular pick, although plastic pillars are out of favour.  Instead, designers are placing layers directly on top of each other.  If pillars are needed to steady a heavy cake, then cake bakers are hiding them behind fresh flowers, sugared fruits and berries for a lush look.

Lavish cakes are also being co-ordinated with couples' wedding themes.  For your beach-inspired wedding, a starfish or shell-shaped cake would be perfect, while a snowflake for a winter wedding would be wonderful!


With many brides wanting co-ordinated colours right through their weddings, white and cream are no longer the obvious choice.  Every colour of the rainbow is on offer, from hot pink to citrus yellow, juicy orange to pale pistachio, and sky blue to cappuccino.  Brides are also going for snow-white fondant wrapped with splashes of colour in flowers, ribbons or scrollwork.


Plastic bride and groom wedding cake toppers are definitely on the way out.  Creative decorations that reflect the style and personality of the couple are in.  Some brides and grooms are choosing lavish cake toppers that can be kept as mementos.  Other couples are decorating their cakes with a detail from the bride's wedding dress for real wow factor.

Paris Cutler from Sydney's Planet Cake says that floral inspirations are the biggest trend in wedding cake designs.  Think roses, peonies, orchids, pansies and even daisies!  "There has been a huge floral renaissance in cakes and we are designing beautiful floral wedding cakes with either sugar or fresh flowers," Paris says. 

"We have seen a comeback of beautiful old fashioned multi-petal blooms and we are regularly decorating quite simple cakes with an oversized feature flower or using gorgeous exotic arrangements."

Paris' top tip is to find a decorative element or motif that has meaning for you.  Show your wedding cake designer your inspiration board, and ask her to incorporate your motif into a bespoke creation.

"We get inspired by what our brides love and at the moment we find brides are using beautiful and unusual elements and keeping everything else fairly clean - this could be anything from birds, black anemone flowers to monograms," Paris says.


If the sky is the limit, then go big, says Planet Cake's chief baker.  "Taller cakes look amazing and make such a dramatic centrepiece," Paris says.

Planet Cake has created a number of sky scraping cakes recently - some more than a metre high - which fit in with wedding venues' tall ceilings.  "I must say tall cakes do scream GLAMOUR," Paris says.

For those brides on a budget, never fear.  Paris' advice is to "choose a cake with as much height as possible.  If your cake has a single tier, then make sure the tier is extended.  Add fresh flowers as your decoration, and your cake will be as lovely, will still have some height and be half the price of a fully decorated cake." 

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