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Top 5 Girl's Party Themes


Get ready for pink, sparkly things that would fit the tastes of only two groups of people – little girls and incredibly camp, gay men. Once again, I know we put this disclaimer in the post about birthday party themes for boys, but it’s an important point and bears repeating. We at Pink Frosting in no way believe in forcing gender stereotypes upon children, but for the sake of simplicity, we have divided these posts down the lines of gender stereotypes. If your little girl is more of a so-called “tomboy”, please head over to the boys birthday party themes post. Here are our Top 5 Girl's Party Themes:


Sometimes a film comes along and just takes over. Over the years, kids have gotten obsessed with all kinds of movies – from The Wizard of Oz to The Sound of Music. But the obsession with Frozen has broken records and has outlasted anyone’s expectations. A recent news report in the United Emirates newspaper The International reported parents are spending Dh500,000 (around $165,064) for a Frozen party, but with these cool Frozen Party Supplies, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that amount. 

Frozen Party Supplies

Pretty Ballerinas

Taking ballet lessons and dreaming of being a perfect ballerina is practically a rite of passage for many little girls. If your daughter is going through is phase, why not indulge her fantasies? In terms of décor, you can get everything you need right here in our Ballet Party Supplies shop, and as far as games go, why not have a dancing competition for all the kids? For entertainment you could contact the local dance school and have one of the students perform for the children. They will love it, and the student will be grateful for a little extra cash. 

Ballet Party Supplies

It’s Carnival Time

Depending on your budget and the space you have to throw the party, a Circus Party is a theme you could really go all out on. If you have a really big garden, you could rent a small carousel, and perhaps a pony so the kids can have pony rides around the garden. And don’t forget the carnival themed snacks… Cotton candy machines are easy and inexpensive to rent, hotdogs make a no-mess-no-fuss lunch, and who doesn’t love a toffee apple for dessert. Be sure to include lots of carnival-themed games, like bobbing for apples and throwing darts at balloons. 

Circus Party Supplies

Fairies and Magic

If you have a garden less ordinary, with trees, flower bushes, and maybe even a stream running down at the bottom, this is the party theme for you. Create little fairy sanctuaries throughout the garden, with tiny doll’s house furniture and flowery decorations, and let the kids run around and find them all. Fairy party supplies are all available here, a fairy cake is easy enough to get hold of, and don’t forget to supply plenty of fairy dust.

Fairy Party

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Everyone – be they adult or child, boy or girl – loves Alice in Wonderland. We don’t often make sweeping statements here, but this is one we have full confidence in. Cupcakes, petit fours, and scones with jam and cream will be the call of the day at your Alice in Wonderland party – served with plenty of tea of course. And don’t forget a game of croquet.

Tea Party

If our Top 5 Girls Party Themes don't suit your little girl's needs, look through all of our Party Themes for more inspiration.

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