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To Infinity and Beyond Toy Story Party Theme Ideas


All Space Rangers will delight in hosting a Toy Story party for their next birthday!  Whether your little one is a Buzz Lightyear, Woody or other Toy Story character fan, they will love a space ranger and cowboy rowdy party theme.  Here are some fun ideas from the team at Pink Frosting parties.


Themed Toy Story party invitations are the easiest option for letting your guests know you're hosting a Toy Story birthday party at your house.  If you're feeling more creative, you could make star party invitations in red, green and blue and stick on stickers from your favourite characters.  Another option is making a Buzz Lightyear rocketship cardboard invitation with little red pieces of crepe paper stuck to the base as though the rocket is flying through space.

You could word your invitations creatively like this:

Come in Star Command!
Today is {insert name} birthday
We'll need extra rocket fuel, star power and blast-trons ready
Because this is the party to take us
To Infinity & Beyond!


If you already have some Toy Story merchandise in your home, use these as your fun table centrepieces.  Toy Woody dolls, plastic dinosaurs, big trains, piggy banks, Barbie dolls, teddy bears and of course Buzz Lightning character dolls are the perfect decorations for your party.  Add colour and sparkle to the party with green and blue party decorations, such as balloons, streamers, plates, bunting flags and big banners.  Make fun sparkling planets for your space theme out of cardboard and covered in alfoil.  Hang from the ceiling around the balloons and you have outer-space covered!

You’ve probably got a few props and toys already from Toy story so use these as your base for decorations. Toy story characters make quite a fun centrepiece on a party tea table, pin up Toy story posters and hang cardboard cut-outs of planets around the room (covered in silver foil). Hang a metallic green door decoration for guests entering the star command control centre and to set the scene.

Cover your tables with a Toy story tablecover and use Toy Story party supplies like napkins, cups and plates to bring your party food to life!

Toy Story Party Food

Be inspired by the adventures of the Toy Story Gang and serve up Pizza Planets for all the kids!  You just need miniature pizzas and let them know they are from the Pizza Planet restaurant, and the kids will be in party food heaven.  Rename or reshape your party food with Toy Story themed names and shapes such as star sandwiches, space rocks, rocket sausages and porky pies.

So long as you serve your party food on Toy story themed plates or some fun star shaped platters then the party food doesn’t necessarily have to follow a space or cowboy theme. It’s quite fun if you rename finger food such as cheesy bites or chicken nuggets as ‘moon rocks’ and serve ‘pizza planets’, star sandwiches and gallactic chips.  Serve your thisty guests some green alien juice or Buzz rocket fuel in blue.  Be careful not to overdo the food colouring!

Party Cake

There are heaps of options here for a party cake.  Be inspired by space and make a moon cake - a globe shape is wonderful!  There are some great icecream shapes in balls that would be perfect for this theme.  Otherwise, you could make a cake in the shape of a cowboy hat for Woody, a Sherrif's badge star cake or a rocket with flames in the base.

Toy Story Party Games

Take the best party games and rename them for the theme.  Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the sherrif's badge on Woody.  Instead of pass the parcel, play pass the potato head.  If the kids need to play something with less crash and bang, you could set them up with plenty of popcorn and space juice with their favourite Toy Story DVD playing.

Toy Story Party Bags & Favours

Give kids a Toy Story themed party bag from Pink Frosting's party shop, filled with themed treats.  You could have sherrif's badges for the kids, star shaped chocolates, alien lollies, and cookies in the shape of cowboy boots, stars and rocket ships.

You can get everything you need for a fun Toy Story party with the Toy Story party supplies and decorations from Pink Frosting, Australia's number one online party shop.

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