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This is Your Life Anniversary Party Ideas


In Australia, you can receive a letter of congratulations from the Governor-General and Prime Minister on your 50th and all subsequent wedding anniversaries. In England, you receive a message from the Queen for your 60th, 65th, and 70th wedding anniversaries, and any wedding anniversary after that.In America, you receive a greeting from the President for any wedding anniversary on or after your 50th.

It is clear from this that longevity of marriage is important worldwide and is an institution that should be valued and celebrated.

With such important recognition for being together so long, I have a few suggestions for some great fun filled parties, celebrating many years together.

“This is your life” party.

I threw this sort of party for my Mum for a significant birthday a few years back and it was such laugh! The same idea can be adapted for a couple celebrating their anniversary.

  • Firstly, I bought a photo album and covered it in a red velvet material and used a gold 3d glue pen to inscribe “this is your life “ on the front.
  •  Then I placed photos from throughout her life in the album. I then gave the guests pretty note cards to write messages on and mounted them in the back of the album. Once the album was finished, I had to write a commentary for the announcer to read out about each surprise guest! We were lucky in the fact that we had a big room that we could put the guests into and a sliding door that we opened and closed as the guests were announced to come through it!
  • My brother was the host and dressed in a suit and had a microphone to tell everyone a bit about the person before they came through the door!
  • We decorated the room with metallic red and gold balloons to match the big red book! My Mum didn’t even know she was having a party and we got my Dad to take her out and when she got back home she arrived to a fanfare of music and my brother saying, “Shannon O’Mara, this is your life!”
  • We sat Mum down on a decorated chair and my brother started to read from the famous red book! “Do you remember when you were small and a red haired girl joined your class in 4th grade? ... well, here she is, all the way from Ireland…Scarlet Patterson!!”

This theme is fantastic for a couple celebrating many years together as you can invite guests that are special to both of them and if you are really organised get one special guest whom they haven’t seen in years to come out from behind the door last! It is a wonderful way to bring back special memories and get a party of treasured friends and family together and, at the end, the couple have an album full of photos and messages as a keepsake!

Get your guests to dress in the style of the year you got married!

Then continue that theme through out the party venue.  For example; 1960’s - Ask guests to dress in mini skirts and bell bottom jeans, or wear bright colours like tie dye, floral and paisley prints. Decorate the house with flower garlands, and serve food on brightly coloured flower plates

Hold a silver screen movie party!!!

Create a home cinema – project the movie onto a wall and have red sash curtains either side.  Give the guests tickets to locate their seat! Serve popcorn, chocolate, milkshakes and ice creams!

Pick a movie from the year of the couple’s wedding, then after watching it, run a short homemade video of family and friends with messages.

Get the guests to sign an anniversary guest book!

It may be traditional to base your party on the wedding anniversary gift list but it takes away the hard part of thinking of a theme!

     The list is:

  • 20th Wedding Anniversary - CHINA
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary - SILVER
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary – PEARL
  • 35th Wedding Anniversary – CORAL
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary – RUBY
  • 45th Wedding Anniversary – SAPPHIRE
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary – GOLD
  • 55th Wedding Anniversary – EMERALD
  • 60th Wedding Anniversary – DIAMOND


You can decorate the venue in the theme of the relevant anniversary and base your tableware, food and games around it.

I’m sure the happy couple will be thrilled with any of these parties. I just hope the Prime Minister, Queen, President and other important leaders around the world would approve of all these ideas! At the very least, I know they would love pinkfrostings wonderful range of Anniversary party and gift ideas!

So here’s to celebrating many more years of devoted love together!

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