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The Secret Language of Flowers


Have you ever wanted to send a message to the recipient of a bunch of flowers to let them know how you're feeling?  Or evoke a sense of emotion through your bridal bouquet or table centrepieces?  Flowers have a secret language all of their own and in Victorian times, they believed that the type of flower, colour and presentation of the flower all had hidden meaning. Here are the meanings behind some of our most popular flowers:

Apple Give in to temptation; let me tempt you
Apple (Blossom) I prefer you
Azalea Temperance
Baby’s Breath Posies Ours is an everlasting love
Bluebell My love for you is constant
Bridal Rose Ours will be a happy love
Buttercup Childishness
Cactus Warmth; Our love shall endure
Calla Magnificent beauty
Camellia You have perfected loveliness
Carnation Pride and beauty
Chrysanthemum (White) I tell the truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow) I feel slighted
Clover (Four Leaved) Be mine
Daffodil I send my regards
Daisy Innocence
Fern Sincerity
Forget Me Not Don’t forget me; true love
Gardenia My love for you is secret; my love for you has not been expressed
Geranium Comfort
Hibiscus You have a delicate beauty
Iris A message for you
Ivy Wedded love and fidelity
Jasmine You are cheerful and graceful
Jonquil Desire; Please return my affection
Lilac (Purple) I feel the first emotions of love
Lilac (White) Youthful innocence; modest and pure emotions
Lily (Arum) Ardour
Lily (Water) Silence; Purity of heart
Lily (White) You are sweet; you are pure
Lotus Flower I love you still; estranged loved
Mistletoe I surmount difficulties
Olive Peace
Orchid Love; you are beautiful; you posses a refined beauty
Pansy You occupy my thoughts; good thoughts for you
Pea (Sweet) I am sorry, I must leave
Periwinkle (Blue) First stages of friendship
Petunia Don’t despair
Rose Love
Rosebud (Red) You are young and lovely
Rosemary In remembrance
Sage We have a wonderful family; household
Sunflower (Dwarf) I adore you
Tulip Love
Tulip (Yellow) I am hopelessly in love
Violet Modesty
Violet (Blue) I shall remain faithful
Violet (Purple) You occupy my thoughts

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