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The Must-Have Kids Party Ideas To Make Your Party Awesome!


Every parent wants their kids birthday party to be special for the guest of honour - fun, colourful, a spot-on theme and plenty of laughter to be had by all who attend.  There's very few moments that beat a kid's party for creating special memories for your child, so it's no wonder hosting a children's party becomes a source of stress for some parents!  Don't fear!  We have some great ideas for kids party supplies that will make your party awesome without breaking the bank or causing you to resort to a bottle of gin!

1. Start with a Theme

The theme doesn't have to be complicated or the latest Disney movie to hit the shores, but having a theme really helps bring together your party, no matter what you're celebrating.  If your daughter isn't screaming for a Frozen Party or your son isn't hankering for a Spiderman party, then start by asking them what they imagined their party to look like.  If it's simply a pink party theme or that they wanted to have a room filled with colourful party balloons, then use this as the theme to tie your party together.

Butterfly Party Theme

Image: Butterfly Party Theme ties together gorgeous butterfly party supplies from Australia's #1 online party shop Pink Frosting to make a beautiful display.

2. Then Hatch a Plan

The secret of great event planning is planning!  Professional event planners have lists and lists and lists and lists of all the important information, vendors, suppliers, menus, guests.... tie your party together with a few simple lists that focus on Who, What, When, Where and Why!  Where is the party being held?  How many guests can the venue cater for?  What time of day will you host the party?  What food will you serve?  Compile your guest list, and a party shopping list of items you'll need to buy, as well as your list of food and drinks if you are catering the event yourself.  

If you have a plan and order everything with plenty of notice, you won't run into any last minute problems.  And if you do, you'll have time to implement Plan B without having a panic attack!

3.  Have a Budget & Stick to It

It's really understandable how parents can go completely OOT with their party spending - there are so many fantastic party decorations around!  However, there are also some pretty fantastic kids party ideas on a budget that mean that you can host a magical party for your kids and guests without going into the debt!  

One of our favourite ideas is to personalise some of the party with some wow factor party decorations like a personalised party banner and customised lollipops, and then spend less on the plates, cups and napkins, for example.  A few unique party decorations can make all the difference with your photos and the memories for your little one, rather than going completely Tori Spelling!

4. Paper Decorations are Awesome!

There's nothing better than paper party decorations in our opinion, for extreme bang for your party buck!  Check out these amazing party decorations below to get you inspired - 

Paper Party Decorations

5.  And So Are Party Balloons!

Party balloons are no longer a simple latex, rubbery balloon that sits all drab in the middle of the floor - no way!  Party balloons right now are all different shapes, sizes, colours and textures - from massive circle balloons that act as a centrepiece with a gorgeous tassel tail, to a wall filled with metallic foil balloons in lots of shapes, to letter and number balloons that spell out a message or are the centrepiece of your party photos!

Party Balloons

For more fabulous party decorations check out our article on 10 party decorations that make a huge impact.

6.  Plan Your Entertainment

Your party room looks amazing, the guest list is checked off and you have all of your lists ready to go... now think about how to entertain your guests and create some gorgeous ambience to set the mood and tone of your party.  We have some great suggestions for kids party games and party music to get you started.  With iTunes and Spotify it's pretty darn simple now to make sure you have some dancing music pumping the whole way through the party - but having some thought into what will play when you're cutting the cake, playing party games and welcoming guests all have an impact on the feeling of the day.

One of the latest trends in party entertainment, no matter what you're celebrating, is a party pinata.  Even at weddings, a pinata filled with yummy treats that suit the style of event and guests is a great way to ensure you have some laughter and plenty of great times!

7.  Lolly Buffets & Candy Bars

Guaranteed, every single guest will adore a lolly buffet or candy bar at your party or celebration.  No matter if you're celebrating a kids birthday party or a 40th birthday party - there's a huge range of candy buffet supplies to buy at Pink Frosting including candy jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes, single coloured lollies, scoops and personalised signs.  Read more about how to make a lolly buffet to help set one up like the professionals.

Lolly Buffet & Candy Bar Ideas

8.  Personalise Your Party Bags

If you don't go ahead with a candy buffet, then your party bags with personality are sure to be a party hit!  Australia's #1 online party shop has devised a gorgeous range of kids party bags in many shapes, colours, sizes... and personalised with your party message or detail to create a really fun and memorable treat for your guests.

If you want to try something a little different, then why not forget the party bags and go with a personalised party milk bottles, or customised candy jars instead?  Your guests will love it and they're ultra-special.

Personalised Candy Jars

For more fantastic kids party decorations and ideas, head on over to our Kids Party Supplies shop online and lose yourself in the gorgeous themes, ideas, and decorations for creating party magic!

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