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Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Little Girl's Party Ideas


Just about every little girl loves pink and sweetness.  This simple party theme is easy to put together and makes a great impact for little girls, their friends and their families.  It's a sugar, spice and everything nice birthday party!


Invite your little girl's friends to the party with the sweetest themed invitations.  We love the cupcake party invitations from Pink Frosting's kids party shop, but you can also make your own invitations in the shape of a cupcake using metallic card from your local newsagency and some felt frosting and glittered cherry on top!  Word your invitations in a sweet way like this:

What is little {insert name} party made of?
Sugar and spice
And all things nice
That's what little girl's are made of!
That's what {insert name} party is made of!

Dress Ups and Costumes

Ask your guests to come dressed in pretty pink from head to toe.  You'll find your guests all in pretty pink headbands, buttons and bows, tutus, tulle and party gowns with sparkle.  The perfect party outfits for a sugar and spice party!

Decorations & Styling

The decorations and styling for this theme are made all the easier because you can simply stick with a pink, white and red theme.  To give it some style, add some love hearts and polka dots as well as glitter and you have a sprinkling of sugar and spice! 

Start with the ceiling - we love hundreds of budget balloons in red, white and pink all filled with helium and tied with ribbon curls strung from the ceiling in the main room of the party.  There is nothing more sweet than big bulbous balloons and thankfully they are cheap and cheerful as well!

Add some polka dot party bunting flags strung around the outside of the room and twist pink and red streamers together to make fun garlands bordering the balloons.

For your party table, start with a pink table cloth and add a fun pink party table runner with polka dots in the colour scheme of the party.  Decorate the centre of the table with pink lollies packed into pretty jars in all shapes and sizes (check out your local $2 shop for some great glass vases and jars in many different shapes without breaking the bank), and add some polka dot party plates, napkins, party cups and more from the range of polka dot party supplies from Pink Frosting.

Sugar and Spice Party Games

The best way to get the kids involved in this sweet party is with sugar!  Give the kids some basic cupcakes, plates of pink cachous, sprinkles, frosting, chocolate buttons and other pink sweets and let them decorate to their heart's content! 

Arts and crafts activities are also a fun way to celebrate - get the kids to make heart shaped cards to take home, decorate their own pink balloons and face paint using only pinks, reds and whites.

Standard party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be turned into a fun themed activity too.  Try Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake - simply make a large cupake cutout with lots of felt sticky cherries and see who can stick it closest to the top with a blindfold on.  Play musical chairs and pass the parcel with sugary themed songs like this iconic one by Aaron Carter:

Sugar, ahh,
Honey, honey.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.
Honey, ahh,
Sugar, sugar.
You are my candy girl,
And you got me wanting you.

Party Food, Drinks and Cake

Try serving all the food in pink, white and red,  Of course yummy macaroons, marshmallows, cupcakes and candy make the perfect food for this event, but you might also like to add some frtesh food like raspberries, strawberries and apples to the mix as well!  Pink lemonade is the perfect party drink, as well as pink grapefruit juice for those who don't like their drinks so sweet.

For the cake, let the kids eat their decorated and iced cupcakes; but also serve a heart shaped cake frosted in pink and sparkling cachous around the edge.  Don't forget the pretty pink striped and polka dot party candles!

Party Favours and Thank You Treats

You can easily fill a party bag in pink with yummy sweets, but a fun and traditional party favour might be to give your guests a white tulle circle filled with pink sugar almonds tied with a satin pink bow.  Absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the theme!

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