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St Patricks Day Party Ideas


Having grown up with Irish parents and a large extended Irish family, I can definitely recommend a good old knees up this St Patricks day! It’s amazing how many Irish folk come out of the woodwork when it’s time to celebrate!

If you're planning on celebrating this March 17, then here are some great St Patricks Day party ideas.

Get into the spirit of the day with Celtic or Irish music. Hire an Irish folk group or get hold of a couple of good Irish folk song CDs. Otherwise create your own little sing-along! I’m sure some of your friends may be musical and it’s amazing how an electric organ, piano or even harmonica can bring a good Irish sing song to life!!! Even now, when I visit my family in Ireland, we ultimately end up having a singsong as we gather around my auntie as she rattles the keys on her old piano!

Once the singing starts, the Irish can’t help but get up and dance! So why not have a laugh with moves in River Dance style? You can have a dancing competition and award fun gifts to the person with the best co-ordination and footwork!

Ultimately at a St Pat’s do, everyone seems to turn up in green with shamrocks adorning them one way or another. Have the green theme and decorate your home to give your friends a warm Irish welcome.

Pink Frosting has some great green, rainbow and gold decorations in their St Patricks Day party decorations shopGreen Accordion Lanterns and Black Mini Lantern Tea Lights will give the Irish tavern type feel. Green Streamers , Green Balloons  and even a few sprigs of real spruce, complete with pine cones bring that rustic Irish charm indoors. Adorn the table with Green Plates and napkins and throw some home made shamrock confetti (made with craft punch) on any surface that needs a splash of emerald!

Make your own rustic table centrepiece with sprigs of spruce, green leaves and pine cones. If you are really clever and the sort of person who is organized ahead of events, seed and grow your own pots of shamrocks! How beautiful would shamrocks look in Mini Flower Pots around the room?

A wee bite to eat!

Traditional hot Irish food includes Irish champ (creamy mash potato with spring onions) and corn beef and cabbage. The Irish breads are unique and delicious – soda bread; wheaten bread and potato bread (plain and apple) to name a few.

Start a tradition where each St. Pat’s day, you get together with family and friends for a big Belfast breakfast.  This usually consists of thick cut bacon, Irish sausage, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, and fried Irish potato bread, soda bread and wheaten bread. Yum!!!

Other breakfast treats are:

  • Soda Sandwich - A filled soda farl with bacon, sausage and egg.
  • Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon and fresh toasted wheaten bread.
  • Fresh toasted wheaten with tomato chutney topped with poached egg and melted cheddar.


The Irish will say you can’t beat a Guinness on St. pat’s day especially with the shamrock carved masterfully in the creamy foam head.  However two fun drinks are:


  • The dancing Leprechaun; mix together Irish whiskey, Drambuie, lemon juice and ginger ale, add lots of ice and shake!
  • The Irish Flag; pour green crème de menthe into a long shot glass, then pour Baileys Irish cream on top over the back of a spoon and finish with Grand Marnier orange liqueur poured over the back of a spoon. The 3 liquids stay separated and look like a little Irish flag in a glass! Perfect!

Don’t forget your little Leprechauns this St. Pat’s day!

As most children love fairies and make believe, why not have a Leprechaun treasure hunt?!!! As we all know, there’s treasure at the end of a rainbow with a little Leprechaun guarding it! So what fun it would be searching in the garden for little home made Leprechauns who carry clues to finding the treasure? These can be made using coloured modeling clay or try the mini garden gnomes from Pink Frosting - they're so cute! The children can also collect Gold Coin Favours along the way.

Talking about rainbows, why not make the dress theme rainbows and decorate in all the colours of the rainbow? Rainbow Balloons, Streamers and sparkles on the table create a magical theme.

A Rainbow cake with Twinkle Edible Glitter, knickerbocker glories with rainbow sprinkles and fairy bread all complete the rainbow theme. Shamrock cup cakes, Leprechaun popcorn (green sugar coated) and frothy green milk shakes are delicious and fun too! Rainbow Rock Candy in Green Party Bags make great party favours for the kids to take home.

Crafty Irish fun!

Get the kids to make Leprechaun top hats by cutting out a hole in the middle of a green paper plate (hat rim) and sticking a paper cup on top of it. Get them to decorate the hats and award prizes for the best hat! Then line all the hats up and get them to toss novelty gold coins into them. The child with the most coins in their hat wins a Rainbow Striped Lollipop!

Give out green chenille sticks and get the children to bend them into a shamrock shape, judge the best shamrock and then get them to put in on their hat!

If you are really crafty, have lengths of string, wooden lollipop sticks and card available for the kids to make their own rainbow mobile! Once the rainbow card shapes are painted or coloured in, parents can help string the mobile together!  They can also add shamrocks, treasure and clouds to the mobile to make it more interesting!  Any child will be delighted when they go home and hang their mobile up in their room!

This St Patrick’s day bring the warmth and magic home and have some good family fun with the help of Pink Frosting and their fabulous St Patrick's Day party decorations.

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!'
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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