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Primp and Pamper Bridal Shower Spa Party


Luxuriate with your best girlfriends before your big day by holding a primp and pamper bridal shower themed celebration. Pamper the bride and her friends with a spa party where everyone enjoys some relaxation and fun together before the big day.  To make this shower work, try and recreate the luxury of your favourite day spa right in your own home.


First, decide where you want to host a spa party.  Many day spa facilities will host a spa party provided you have a minimum number of guests, and reserve both the treatments and the facility in advance.  The facility may shut shop for an evening and let you host your shower after hours, giving you discount rates for the group, or set aside certain treatment rooms just for your use.  Otherwise, you could decide to host the party at home and hire in a mobile spa service or beauty consultant.  Or, you could do it yourself and create the treatments yourself at home.

Setting the scene

No matter where you decide to host the party, the main concern will be creating that relaxing atmosphere you experience the moment you set foot in a day spa.  Here are a few pointers for recreating this feeling:

  • Candles, candles, candles.  Either unscented or all in one scent (otherwise risk creating a distinct pong, rather than a perfectly scented atmosphere) and lit all around your venue.  Flickering candlelight is one of the main tricks used by day spas to get you in the mood for pampering.
  • Hanging paper lanterns and fairy lights create a relaxing, natural feeling without overwhelming the senses.
  • Soothing music.  Set your iPod to play the most relaxing instrumental music you can find.  There’s an impressive amount of relaxation music to choose from that isn’t just Enya!
  • Fresh flowers, rose petals and natural stones, all make you instantly feel grounded, relaxed and happy.
  • The best fluffy towels and robes you can find.  Hang terry cloth robes with a name tag pinned on them for your guests near the bathroom for changing, and provide a place for each guest to lay their clothing, shoes and bags away from their attention during the party. 
  • Move all but the most comfortable seating out of the room you’re holding the spa shower in.  Place large fluffy pillows and rugs on the floor and if possible, bring in day beds and chunky ottomans so everyone can be comfortable in the one space at the one time.
  • Invitations should recommend comfortable clothing and suggest pampering gifts for your bride to be. 


Serve pitchers of fresh water with citrus, berries and ice.  Also, ensure that you have plenty of icy cold tall drinking glasses on hand at all times for vegetable juices, mineral water and citrus infused waters.  Have constant pots of warm herbal teas in many flavours (especially ginger and lemon for the guest of honour) on the go throughout the party. 

Healthy snacks such as freshly cut fruit, crudités, natural nuts and sushi should be available for guests to munch on at all times – pampering is hard work, after all! More substantial meals could include steamed fish and vegetables, fresh fruit smoothies and vegetable juices.  Oh, and don't forget to pop some bubbly once you’re finished pampering!

Bridal Shower Favours

Send guests home with their very own pedicure kit as a bridal shower favour.  Pink Frosting’s miniature pedicure and manicure kits can also be personalised to create a truly unique thank you gift for guests.  Other pampering gift ideas include engraved compact mirror if you have a larger budget!

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