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Pool Party Pleasure


Summer is a grand time of year.  An Australian summer means different things to different people.  To me, summer means end of year holidays, wearing summer dresses and thongs all day, the Tennis Australian Open and eating ice-cream more often than not.  It also means a season full of awesome summer parties by the pool.  The team at Pink Frosting are party crazy and just love summer so are here to share with you some spectacular ideas for throwing a super cool pool party in the warmer months. 

Parties are fun to plan but as the old saying goes, ‘Prior planning prevents poor party performance’.  Okay, I added the word ‘party’ to that saying but I live the party lifestyle so couldn’t help myself!  To guarantee you the best pool party in town there are a few key elements to ensure your party pleasure. 

Pool party themes

 Every party starts with a vision and needs a theme.  By choosing a theme, planning every aspect of your bash will become a whole lot easier.  In keeping with the season, some funky summer party themes to try are:

Hawaiian party – Bring Hawaii to your doorstep by wearing your favourite board shorts, flower leis and grass skirts.  Lay out some beach towels, blow up beach balls and soon you’ll be saying ‘Aloha’. 

Nightclub party – Create a nightclub feel in your poolside area. Find some mirror balls, set up a dance floor and decorate with all things sparkly.  Be sure your dance floor is away from the pool to avoid any accidents.

Cocktail party - For the sophisticated poolside party, a cocktail party is ideal.  Wear your sexy dress, bring out the cocktail glasses and create your own little piece of party heaven.  Daiquiris, champagne and your favourite platters of fancy finger food will really set the scene. 

Decade party – The recipe for this one is simple.  Pick your favourite decade and let yourself loose.  Put together an outfit from the decade of choice, compile the play list and escape in your very own summer time machine.  My favourite decade would have to be the 90’s.  Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, eat your heart out!

Pool party planning details

Day and time – Select a day of the week for your party along with a start and finish time.  Keep in mind people’s working hours, Christmas and New Year public holidays and when the best time for you to host a party is. For example, do not plan your pool party on the same day as your friend’s wedding. 

Guest list – Decide if your pool party will be an intimate gathering or a massive party and invite guests accordingly.  The size of your pool area or pool party theme may have an impact on this decision.  E.g. A nightclub party will feel like a real nightclub with loads of people partying together so a big guest list would be appropriate. 

Food and drinks – Organise a list of your favourite summer food and drinks.  An ice-cream parlour at home, fruit salad galore and BBQ will keep everyone happy on a long hot summer night.  Summer drinks such as fruity punch and cocktails, tropical daiquiris (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), soft drinks, champagne will compliment your summer food perfectly. 

Music – Consider your guest list and party theme when deciding on music for your pool party.  A ‘decade party’ will make music choice easier or to include your friends in the party planning, ask for suggestions to keep everyone ready to party all night long. 

Don’t have a pool?

Many people in Australia don’t have backyard pools but this doesn’t need to stop you from taking a splash into pool party heaven.  Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting has a few more ideas to give your bikini a workout:

Local pool picnic – Most suburban areas have public pools so pack a picnic basket full of delicious treats and head out with your friends and family for a chill session pool side.

Spa party – Should you be lucky enough to have a spa, a gathering of your closest friends is a fantastic way to celebrate summer while wearing your favourite bathers and sipping on a champagne.  

Beach trip – Every day feels like summer when you’re at the beach so pack your beach bag, order some fish and chips and grab the gang for a dip in the ocean.  Don’t forget the soft serve ice-cream from Mr Whippy! 

Summer is almost here so Pink Frosting wishes you all the pool party pleasure in the world.  For all your party decorations and party supplies, take a quick look at Australia’s #1 online party shop.  

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