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Pinata Party Fun


2012 is here and with a New Year beginning, we have a whole year of birthdays to celebrate and fun parties to plan.  Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting has a whole range of funky party decorations that will keep you busy for hours when planning your next celebration.  There is one special party decoration that is popular all over the world you should consider, especially at children’s birthday parties.  The bright, colourful piñata!

Piñatas are a party feature that has been used for hundreds of years all across Latin America to help celebrate birthday parties and Christmas.  The piñata is now used all over the world and is particularly quite popular across the U.S.  Piñatas were historically created using a clay pot that was decorated with bright, coloured paper and filled with sweet treats and coins.  These days, piñatas are usually created using paper Mache and decorated with all sorts of decorations and filled with lots of cool stuff like lollies, chocolates, coins and toys for kids to collect when the piñata cracks and drops.

Well, the team at Pink Frosting just couldn’t help themselves and have jumped on the piñata bandwagon.  We have found some fantastic piñatas to choose from for your child’s birthday party or family Christmas get- together so we encourage you to explore our website and check the range we have on offer.  Some of the brilliant piñatas Pink Frosting have include:

  • Dinosaur piñata – perfect for the any young ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’ fan or dinosaur crazy kid.
  • Mermaid piñata – ideal for any little girl crazy about ‘The Little Mermaid’ and other Disney movie characters.
  • Pink flower piñata – just right for your daughter’s next birthday and suitable to any little girl.  This piñata is Pink Frosting’s favourite!
  • Pirate party piñata – Your little pirate will just love this piñata as the perfect decoration to his birthday party pirate ship.
  • Soccer ball piñata – Do you have a sports crazy child?  Look no further, the soccer ball piñata is all you need.
  • Treasure chest piñata – Many people include a treasure hunt party game for their child’s birthday and this piñata is the perfect way to end the treasure hunt.

So, you’ve chosen the piñata you want, now what?  Time to plan the famous piñata party game!  This how it works:

  1. Hang the piñata from above in an area where there is plenty of room. 
  2. Gather everybody around the piñata in a big circle.
  3. By using a baseball bat or something similar, the birthday boy or girl starts first by moving into the middle of the circle and hitting the piñata once. 
  4. Each person has one hit of the piñata until the piñata cracks open.
  5. Once the piñata has cracked open, the goodies from inside will drop and party goers run to the middle and collect treats to take home with them. 

Important note:  The piñata game has the potential to cause injury so ensure only one person is in the middle of the circle at a time.  Adult supervision with the piñata game is essential so always involve at least one adult and refrain young ones from running into the middle until they are instructed to.

The piñata game will prove to be the most popular game at your next party so keep the piñata as a surprise until towards the end of the party.  Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting has many more party decoration and party game ideas so have fun reading all our exciting ideas on the Pink Frosting website.

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