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Mini Masterchefs Cooking Birthday Party


With the incredible popularity (and rightly so!) of Masterchef, many young kids are excited to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm.  Encourage their imaginations and cooking prowess with a Mini Masterchefs cooking birthday party!


Send out fun cupcake themed party invitations or plain age birthday invitations tied to a wooden spoon or mini whisk.  You could word it like this:

Chop, chop, choppity-chop,
Cut off the bottom
And cut off the top;
What there's left we will
Put in the pot;
Chop, chop, choppity-chop.

Join us for a cooking party for {insert name} birthday!

Dress Ups and Costumes 

Ask your guests to come dressed in chef's white with an apron.  If you have the budget, you could supply the chef's hats and aprons and give them to the kids as their favours from the party!

Decorations and Styling

This is a fun one to style!  You'll probably be holding the party in your kitchen or nearby for all the stirring, chopping and baking going on, so you will want to decorate in traditional Masterchef colours of blue and red on white.  Choose blue and red balloons, streamers, table covers, party napkins, plates, cups and more.  Stick with the blue and red theme and you'll have the perfect Masterchef base!

Start with the ceiling - we love hundreds of budget balloons in red, white and blue all filled with helium and tied with ribbon curls strung from the ceiling in the main room of the party.  There is nothing more sweet than big bulbous balloons and thankfully they are cheap and cheerful as well!

For your party table, start with a white table cloth and add a fun red stars party table runner with red stars in the colour scheme of the party.  Decorate the centre of the table with jars of cooking utensils like whisks and wooden spoons and add some red stars or polka dot party plates, napkins, party cups and more from the range of party supplies from Pink Frosting.

Party Games and Activities

This is the perfect time to get out some fun cookbooks and let your little chefs shine!  Some of our favourites include making cookie dough and letting the mini Nigella's roll and cut the shapes, then decorate them.  Let them create their own cupcakes and ice the cakes.  Let the kids make pizza dough and create their own Italian masterpieces!

If the kids are older, you could divide them into teams of Blue and Red and give them challenges just like the Masterchef TV show.  Let them write their own menus and create a birthday treat lunch for the guest of honour.

Party Food, Drinks and Cake

The beauty of this party is the kids will cater for themselves!  It is your job to buy great ingredients that are fun to work with and assemble for the guests.  Once you have cooked the creations, the kids can then munch into their own masterpieces for lunch.

For the party cake, think classic chef motifs like a chef's hat shaped cake.

Party Favours and Take Home Treats

A fun way to send kids home from this party is with their own dress up aprons and chefs hats.  If the budget doesn't allow, then why not assemble your own cookie or cake recipe cards and attach them to some cookie cutters in fun shapes.  This is a bit more creative than a standard lolly bag and the kids have probably had so much to eat from munching on their creations that they won't want more sugar right away!

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