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Love's Journey Anniversary Dinner Party Ideas


Your parents are celebrating 25, 40, 50 or 60 years together. Congratulations! You've decided to celebrate the anniversary with a special dinner for them. Great! Now what? How do you make an anniversary celebration special? We have the answer! The perfect anniversary themed event is a ‘love's journey' anniversary dinner.

Planning - Collect the story

Spend some time talking with each of the guest of honour's friends and family members with the intention of gathering stories about the couple's time together. The stories don't have to be glamorous; they might be little anecdotes from everyday family events. They should be stories that shaped the couple's life together, family rituals and milestones.  Using dates (years only if you don't know specifics), create a timeline of the couple's time together. It might start with them meeting in high school in 1958, they got engaged in 1962, were married in 1963, had their first child in 1964, moved to another town in 1966 etc.

Organise to interview the most interesting characters on camera and, together with family, create a DVD which becomes a biography of the couple's journey. If you're handy on the computer, video editing software is fairly easy to use, but you could also employ a professional to create a slick DVD that really bowls everyone over.


If you are really creative, create a ‘Love's Journey' invitation which includes the timeline you created before, with a little scrapbook motorbike or plane slipped into the envelope. The papers from Cristina Re are perfect for creating invitations to suit the couple's personalities. Alternatively, a themed journey invitation is perfect for heralding this event.

Setting the scene

Create photo boards of the couple's lives sorted by decades. The first photo board might be their courting time together, then their wedding, then their newlywed years... Place the boards around the venue so they create talking points as guests meander around the room.

Copy or scan and print your favourite images of the couple as thumbnails and place them into origami paper planes which are hung from the ceiling or helium filled balloons.

Calculate the time in years, weeks, days, hours, seconds that the couple has been together and create a conceptual time-post for your table centrepieces.

Make long centrepieces with image of the couple in mini photo frames along a long journey from start to anniversary along the table. Take inspiration from the couple's journey for the place settings. Do they love to travel? Name each place setting after a country they have visited. Do they love films? Name each place setting after a film that they enjoy together or a character they identify with.


Rope in a great MC from your guests, but ensure they will take the role seriously and know the couple well enough to judge the room and the atmosphere as they keep the night moving along smoothly. Play the DVD you've created to the guests between courses. Ensure everyone has a charged glass and the guests are all comfortable. Keep the DVD short - no longer than 10 minutes - or you risk your guests becoming bored, no matter how enthralling the story is.

Set your iPod to shuffle, and play the couple's favourite songs from their love journey throughout the night.


Ask a caterer put together the couple's favourite dishes and serve them to your guests. If the couple has instituted a ritual of a roast chicken lunch each Sunday, have the caterer create a sophisticated version of this family favourite for your guests.

A special anniversary cake is important to mark this occasion. This is one occasion, like a wedding or christening, when organising a professional cake is important. Ask your cake designer to put together a cake that reflects the journey of the couple. Perhaps an old fashioned car with a couple in it, and ‘Love's Journey' on the number plate?

Guest gifts and party favours

Send guests home with a ‘Love Story' personalised notebook favour which is both practical and a whimsical reminder of the evening for guests. Have copies of the DVD made and any guests who would like a copy can take one home with them to relive the story anytime in the comfort of their own home.

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