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Kids Tea Party


This is for kids only. That’s right! No adults allowed (except when it comes to helping to put the party activities and food together). Enjoy your weekend by hosting a tea party for you and your friends. Easy to organise and fun, mums and dads will only need to help out with the odd thing or two but the rest you can do yourself or with a buddy or two.

Now a tea party is a refined occasion. Where airs and graces are a must and you need to be aware of these before you begin. First things first you need to pick a date for your tea party. Have a chat with your mum and dad about the time (and permission!). Once they have Okayed it, you will need to make some invitations! For this you will need the following:

Blank white cards folded in half

Sheets of coloured paper



Colour markers


Using teacup and teapot stencils, trace on the sheets of coloured paper. Carefully cut out the shapes (get a grown up to help) and set to the side. On the front of each card, glue a teapot or teacup. Using the glue stick, run the glue around the boarder of the card then sprinkle the glitter over the card. Gently tap off the excess glitter to leave a lovely sparkly boarder around the teapot/teacup.

Inside the card, using the coloured markers, write:


You are invited to my Tea Party




(Your address)

The theme is: (teddy bear tea party/fairy princess, or any other theme you like)

RSVP by (date) and let I (or parent) know if you have any food allergies


Once you have your invitations ready, you need to get them out to your invited guests. It is good manners to send your invite out 2 weeks before your tea party. It is also important to get all your RSVP’s in so you and your parents can make sure that there will be enough food, drinks, activities and gift bags for each guest.

Now you need to start planning your tea party. What food will you have? What decorations would you like to use? What activities are you going to have? First let’s look at food. When it comes to tea parties you serve what is called finger food. Small, bite-sized treats such as mini triangle cut sandwiches – fillings such as cucumber, cheese and tomato, ham and relish, curried egg, tuna and lettuce (you can even have vegemite if you like!). You also have your bite-sized treats, little cupcakes, home-made biscuits (you can use cookie cutter shapes like hearts or stars for fun), little chocolates, tea cakes like the jam and cream sponge and even a bowl of fruit salad.

For your drinks, obviously tea might be considered a bit too grown up by your parents, so instead fill teapots with lemon, orange or raspberry cordials. Also have some little jugs of cold water available for you and your guests to drink.

Decorate your tea party with pretty bunting (set up with the help of a grown up of course!), a bright and pretty table cloth, some fun balloons which you can then give to your guests before they go home and use bright coloured cups, plates, bowls and napkins oh and you will need your own little tea set. Set each place with a small plate with a napkin neatly folded and a cake fork placed on top, a teacup on a saucer with a tea spoon and a normal drinking cup (for the water). If you have any left-over card and glitter from the invitations, use them to make place cards for your invited guests. Cut the white cards in half to create two separate folded cards. Use markers to write your guests name and then dab glue around the boarder and sprinkle with glitter. Set these cards at the top of each plate. If you have room on your table make a pretty centrepiece – a little bucket or picnic basket filled with flowers from your garden (or your neighbours – but get their permission first!)

You can have some fun at your tea party with games and activities. One idea that you can do is make your own garden party hats. Using paper bowls and large paper plates, strands of ribbon, staples or sticky tape, coloured markers, glitter and decals like butterflies, pearls you and your guests will have fun creating your own hats. With the help of a grown up (or two) cut a hole in the paper plate big enough to fit over the bottom of the paper bowl. Using sticky tape on the underside of the hat tape the lip of the bowl to the paper plate. Now this is where it gets fun (and possibly awesomely messy) as you decorate your garden tea party hat with colours, glitter, stickers, feathers, sequins. Then get the grownups to poke a hole on both sides of the hat so you can thread your ribbon through or tape your two pieces of ribbon to the inside of the hat, put the hat on your head (better when it has dried) and tie the ribbon into a little bow and ta da! A beautiful hat that your friends will enjoy making and can take home with them at the end of the party.

Now you have set up your own very first tea party, it is time for you to put on your best outfit, get mum to brush your hair and get ready to greet your friends as they arrive. Now some pointers you need to remember for your tea party:

  1. Don’t serve food or drink until all your guests are sitting down at the table.
  2. If you have a formal (very special) tea party then you as the host/hostess have to pour the tea for each of your guests. If your tea party is more of a fun, easy party then your guests can pour their own cups of tea, you just need to include another teapot or two on the table.
  3. Once you have used your teaspoon to stir your tea, you place it on the saucer next to your tea cup.
  4. Napkins are placed on your lap. If you need to wipe your mouth, use the corner of the napkin and dab at your mouth. Don’t tuck the napkin into the front of your top or dress. If you need to go to the bathroom, place your napkin across your seat.
  5. Don’t drink your tea when you still have food in your mouth. Take a bite and place the fork (if eating cake/fruit) or the sandwich back down on the plate and chew before taking another bite.
  6. Remember your manners! “Please” and “Thank You”. Don’t reach across the table or across your guests, instead politely ask someone to pass you the plate of food or the teapot.
  7. Sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table!

The grownups will be very impressed with your lovely manners – and you may teach them a thing or two!

P.S. Mums and Dads – you can get all the supplies and decorations for your child’s first tea party from Australia’s #1 Wedding and Party Shop – Pink Frosting.

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