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Kids Party Dress Ups


If playing dress ups was a career pathway, I’m fairly sure I’d be at the top of the corporate ladder by now.  Red Riding Hood, the Halloween Fairy and Daphne from Scooby Doo are some of my favourite dress up outfits from over the years.  And by ‘over the years’, I mean in my 20’s!  I was an imaginative child as you can tell.  While I love dressing up for themed parties myself, I get just as much joy from helping others create outfits to end all outfits.  

Do you have a child who’s been invited to a dress up party? Or are you hosting a kids dress up party yourself?  Well never fear, Pink Frosting to the rescue!  We have so many fun and exciting ideas to help you and your little cherubs create the perfect costume for the next kids’ party.  The entire Pink Frosting team are a bit dress up mad and fall in love with each new party costume the arrives at Australia’s #1 online party shop.  So strap yourselves in as we take you a wild ride of kids’ party dress up ideas galore!

For the princess in your castle

  • Angels – White leotard and tights, ballet slippers and angelic wings
  • Princess – Tutu dress in any colour and sparkly princess tiara
  • Fairy – Frilly dress complete with fairy wand and glitter
  • Snow White – classic yellow and blue dress with red ribbon in the hair
  • Witch – Good Witch of the North in white or Wicked Witch of the West in evil black
  • Vampire – Think Twilight capes, black tights and fake blood everywhere
  • Butterfly – Pretty butterfly wings dressing up a ballerina dress
  • Tinkabell – A lime green dress with wings to match
  • Hawaii girl – Hawaiian grass skirt, bathers and flower lei
  • Cow girl – Fringed skirt, cowgirl boots and hat
  • Princess Fiona – Emerald green dress and green face make up
  • Jasmine – Aladdin’s friend wears blue harem pants and long black wig

For the pirate running your ship

  • Pirate – Baggy pants, white shirt, sword and a pirate’s patch and hat
  • Peter Pan – Green leggings and shirt with brown boots
  • Spider Man – Blue and red all in one costume and face mask
  • Batman – Black cape, black suit and face mask
  • Bob the Builder – Overalls, checked shirt, hard hat and hammer
  • Cowboy – Shirt, vest, handkerchief, cowboy hat and toy lasso
  • Harry Potter – Black cape, rimmed glasses and magic wand
  • Seven Dwarfs – Bright shirt and pants, fake beard and loose hat
  • Shrek – Brown pants, white shirt and green face paint
  • Aladdin – White pants, purple vest and golden magic lantern

Shopping for costumes is half the fun so take your princess or pirate with you to make sure you buy the right costume the first time.  Trying the costume on before you buy is a good idea and finding accessories on the same day will save you a second trip the day before the party.  For the time poor parents out there, you can find all your need right here at Australia’s #1 online party shop Pink Frosting.  We like parties but we also like making your life easier.  Happy shopping!

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