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Kids 12 Days of Christmas Ideas


On the twelfth day of Christmas Pink Frosting gave to me, twelve gift ideas, eleven party themes, ten decorations............and a Christmas favour for your family.  

Christmas is always the busiest time of year with gifts to buy, food to prepare and celebrations to plan leaving you exhausted when Boxing Day arrives.  However, the younger members of your family will be brimming with energy all the way through December as they know Santa’s Little Helpers are busy making toys for the all the good little boys and girls out there. 

So, to keep the kids busy and on their best behaviour in the lead up to Christmas Day, why not give your kids their very own 12 Days of Christmas?  A ‘Kids 12 Days of Christmas’ is all about the number 12.  The 12 days starts on December 12th with one mini kids’ party each day until the 12th day on December 23rd.  On each of the 12 days, kids participate in a different Christmas activity.  Australia’s #1 online Christmas Shop Pink Frosting has 12 mini party ideas here that can be organised in any order that suits you and your kids.  The mini parties are designed to be short activities of up to an hour that will leave you with enough time to finish the rest of your Christmas list.

Christmas Mini Party Ideas

Day 1 – Christmas Decorations

Gather some craft supplies including textas, paper, scissors, glue, glitter and ribbon and encourage kids to create their very own decorations to hang from the Christmas tree.

Day 2 – Christmas tree

Pull out the Christmas decorations (including the decorations the kids created) and spend some time with your kids decorating that gorgeous green tree.

Day 3 – Christmas Letters

Help the kids write a letter to Santa telling how good they’ve been and which toys are on their wish list.  Then, walk to your local post office box and send the letters to the North Pole.

Day 4 – Christmas Cupcakes

Either bake or buy some cupcakes and decorate with coloured icing and chocolates and lollies.  Kids can take their cupcakes to school the next day or eat them for dessert.

Day 5 – Christmas Colouring

Buy some Christmas colouring in books and unleash your child’s artistic flair with colouring some Christmas pictures.  You can pin their pictures on the fridge or hang near the Christmas tree.

Day 6 – Christmas Carols

Help kids write the words of your favourite Christmas Carols and sing them afterwards. This is a great activity that combines reading and writing practise with Christmas cheer. 

Day 7 – Christmas Wrapping Paper

Buy some large pieces of white or coloured paper and with pencils, textas and crayons, the kids can decorate their own special Christmas wrapping paper. 

Day 8 – Christmas Presents

Using the Christmas wrapping paper your kids have created, involved the kids in wrapping presents for family and friends.  Be sure to have extra paper just in case you run out. 

 Day 9 - Christmas Baking  

Choose some Christmas cookie cutters and bake a batch of delicious Christmas cookies topped with edible Christmas sprinkles.  If time allows, bake a second batch in another flavour. 

Day 10 – Christmas Charity

Teach the kids that not everyone is lucky enough to receive presents at Christmas.  Wrap Christmas cookies you baked in cellophane and donate to your local charity or encourage kids to choose a toy to donate to kids who may miss out. 

Day 11 – Christmas Movie

Treat the kids to a special Christmas movie with Christmas coloured popcorn to snack on.  Ask the kids what they learnt about Christmas after the movie finishes. 

Day 12 – Christmas table decorating

Involve the kids with setting up the dining table for Christmas Day.  Kids will love laying out the Christmas table cover, choosing Christmas crackers, setting Christmas napkins and sprinkling Christmas confetti across the table.

If 12 Days of Christmas is too much for you, you may choose a few activities and set up a special Kids Christmas workshop on Christmas Day instead.  Perfect activities for Christmas Day include Christmas movies, colouring in and cupcake decorating. 

On the last day of Christmas, Pink Frosting gives to you, a glass of champagne to reward you for all your hard work after giving your kids the best Christmas ever! 

For all your Christmas needs, have a look through Australia’s #1 online Christmas Shop Pink Frosting.

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