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Japanese Cherry Blossom Dinner Party Ideas


Celebrate spring with a Japanese Cherry Blossom dinner party!  Cherry Blossom (or Sakura, as it is known in Japan) is considered an omen of good fortune and an emblem of love and affection - the perfect symbols for a party with close friends.


Set the tone of your event with stunning cherry blossom invitations.  Pink Frosting has the most beautiful Very Cherry Blossom invitations in pink and black, accompanied by matching envelopes.

Setting the scene

Welcome your guests into your home and ask them to remove their shoes at the door.  Hand them warmed glasses of Japanese sake, or if they prefer, Japanese Slippers made from Midori and pineapple juice!  Play a selection of traditional Japanese music for background ambience.

Decorating and styling

The party palette should be black, white and pink, with cherry blossom as your inspiration.  Keep your dinner party confined to one area of your house (such as your dining room or living room) and create an inviting and impressive space with decorative elements such as cherry blossom paper lanterns or paper parasols for an intimate and authentic feel.  Keep the lights low, and scatter tea lights to a soothing space.

If you've timed your party perfectly, go outside and pick some cherry blossom right from the trees.  If you haven't, Stacie Tamaki's The Flirty Guide has origami ideas for cherry blossoms that bloom no matter the time of year.  See the step-by-step instructions on how to make these delicate blooms from pink paper (try the Cristina Re Blush and Pearlescent Pink paper) and crepe paper. How enchanting for a table centrepiece! 

Drape a low table, such a large coffee table, with either a stark white or a black tablecloth for a dramatic backdrop.  Scatter black cushions on the floor so that guests can sit comfortably. 

Then position pink paper squares as pretty placemats and top these with your white dinner plates and white napkins.  Provide each guest with a small bowl for mixing wasabi and soy sauce for their sushi rolls, rice bowls and soup spoons.  And don't forget the chopsticks!

Then fill tall vases with cherry blossom branches.  Add votive candles strung on ribbon or wire hangers to cast a glow and add real romance.  Alternatively, tall cylinders can be filled with pink or red coloured water, and small floating candles can be placed in each.


For a hands-on experience at your Japanese feast, set up a sushi-making table and allow your friends to try their hands at this intricate culinary art. Lay out bamboo mats, prepared sushi rice and an array of sushi ingredients and let your guests loose!

Menus, catering and cocktails

Start with a light salad, such as mixed lettuce with a light ginger dressing, and follow with a bowl of miso soup (available pre-packaged from Asian grocery stores).  Then serve sushi and sashimi (which you can make or pick up from your favourite Japanese restaurant).

For the main dish, serve hearty udon noodles or a classic teriyaki stir-fry.  Finish your meal with a fresh fruit salad of pineapple, melon and grapes.  Or try different but delicious green tea flavoured ice cream.  See more menu inspiration.

Be sure to provide green tea (hot or cold) for your guests throughout the evening. Or for those who want something with a little more punch, serve sake (Japanese rice wine). 

Favours and gifts

Don't leave your guests empty handed.  Say sayonara with Cherry Blossom candles or cherry blossom glass coasters.  Or, for the favour of the moment, try gorgeous Cherry Blossom Hand Fans - practical and beautiful at the same time.

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