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It's a Turtle Party!


When I think of turtles I imagine colourful, happy faced, buoyant domes with cute flipper like arms and personalities that are happy go lucky, friendly and inquisitive.

When you combine these adorable characters with the theme for a party you get a magical aquatic event which will be showcased with the help of Pink Frosting's gorgeous new turtle party supplies!

Young children will go crazy when they realise how turtles bring fun and magic to their party! Once you’ve sent out your Turtle Party Invitations you are ready to convert the party area into a magical underwater world!

  • Hang large pieces of navy, blue and green shimmering voile material around the walls of the room. This is your turtle’s playground and sets the under water scene!
  • Spread Turtle Hanging Party Cutout Decorations around your sea walls and pin green streamers (snipped to a point at the top end) randomly around the base of the voile sea to create seaweed!
  • Bring the sea to life with bubbles! You can either hire a bubble machine or buy one! These aren’t that expensive to buy and can be used again at other parties throughout your child’s life!
  • As a finishing touch, string blue and green twinkle lights around the ceiling!

 Turn the lights out and see the amazement on your children’s faces as they step into this magical undersea world!

A week or so before the party, get the lucky birthday girl or boy to help you make a large paper mache’ turtle that can be suspended from the ceiling in your undersea world to make it look like he’s swimming through the water!

 Paper mache’ seems a bit old fashioned but it’s so easy and fun!

  • Just blow up a large round balloon or use a cheap plastic blow-up ball and cover it in layers of paper and paste for the body.
  • Use a smaller balloon for the head and two pieces of cardboard cut into flipper shapes for the turtle’s arms - these can be built up with the paper and paste so that the flippers are more 3D than flat.
  • Once all items are dry, pop the balloons with a needle and connect the body, head and flippers via holes with string and craft glue.
  • Get your child to paint the turtle in bright colours, not forgetting to give him a nice pair of eyes and a smile!  Also, more importantly, a name! Imagine your child telling his or her friends to come to a turtle party and see the amazing “Millie the turtle!!!!! swimming in the sea!

In the eating area, adorn the walls with Turtle Giant Party Banners.

Create turtle mania at the party table! Lay out the Turtle Party Banquet Table Covers and Turtle Themed Shaped Paper Party Plates together with Turtle Party Cups. Complete the theme with Turtle Party Large Napkins and a sprinkle of Turtle Themed Party Confetti!

Turtle delights!

 As a variation on a normal sponge birthday cake, why not make your own turtle Ice cream cake in a sea of jelly?

  • The body shape can be made by simply using a large dome shaped bowl and the head a smaller bowl.  Perhaps use different coloured and flavoured ice creams and lightly mix them together to make a swirling pattern!  Freeze, then turn out and decorate, with your child’s favourite sweets or chocolates!
  • For the Jelly sea, make up a blue or green jelly in a separate bowl. When set, scoop out and chop or mix. Place neatly around the turtle ice-cream cake to make it look like he is swimming through a choppy sea!

Make your own turtle cupcakes with the help of Turtle Party Cupcake Wrappers and Picks, these will complement your table setting beautifully!

Party games and activities

Get the children to make their own turtle and have turtle races!!!  You can get inexpensive, foam balls and bags of novelty stick-on eyes from any art or craft shop.

  • For your turtle’s body  - connect a large ball to a small ball by sticking cocktail sticks in each ball and pushing them together.
  • Cut the handles off 4 wooden spoons from a Wooden Party Cutlery Set  and push into the sides and back of the large ball for side flippers and back feet (these should be located in the bottom half of the ball so that the ball floats properly).
  • Finally, stick on two plastic eyes and get the children to decorate their turtles with waterproof acrylic paint or permanent pens!
  • All you need now, are Vintage Paper Drinking Straws to give the contenders before the race! Fill up a child’s swimming pool or even the bath with water and get everyone to line their turtles up at the start line. When the whistle is blown, the children start blowing through their straws in the direction of their turtle! The aim is to try and get the turtle to the finish line (other end of the pool) before their opponents! As you can imagine, one wrong angled blow can create turtle dodgems!! Your children will be delighted how fast these turtles swim and how exciting these races are! Award the winner a fabulous Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine!

If the weather is hot, hold a pool party (paddling pool for the youngsters) and use the Turtle Hanging Party Cutouts Decorations as targets for the kids to shoot water at!

Sink or float game – As the children’s home made turtles float about the pool, you may as well keep the aquatic theme going and play the sink or float game! Put the kids in two teams. Have a variety of fruit from melons, kiwis, bananas, orange, apples and even unknown fruits. Get the teams to guess whether the piece of fruit sinks or floats before you place it in the water.  You’ll be amazed which fruit floats and which sinks! This even catches adults out!

Award Flat Lollipop Favours in Mixed Colours to the team who gets the most right!


When the turtle party finally ends, send the kids home with Turtle Party Bags full of Allens Jelly Beans!

 A very clever alternative is to pour jelly beans and blue jelly in a Lime Green Tin Pail and let set. Cut out a circle of cling wrap and place over the set jelly, then get the kids to put their turtle in the pail to carry him home! They will get home delighted, to show off their new friend in his own bucket of edible water!

Pink Frosting's new turtle party decorations will give you a host of great ideas to create the perfect party! The turtle theme will be a big hit with both girls and boys this year!

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