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Ideas for Wedding Cake Flavours


Your wedding cake can be just about any flavour you can imagine as the icing and decorations will hide the colour of the cake from view when the cake is on display.  So, great news!  Go wild and completely personal.  Not just yellow and white or traditional fruit, vanilla and ordinary - think chocolate, spices, carrot, hazelnut, cheesecake and beetroot.  Fillings can be jam, cream, lemon curd, pureed fruits or buttercream to name just a few.  To whet your appetite for this fun decision, here are some ideas for wedding cake flavours:

Chocolate Mud Cake - This yummy choice is also the favourite for most weddings today.  It is sweet and delectable and your guests will love your choice.  Mud is very heavy and suits a cream, ganache or berry filling.

Tiramisu Cake - This Italian dessert has been adapted to a contemporary wedding cake flavour.  Carrying the main flavours of espresso coffee and mascapone cream, the best fillings for this cake include coffee cream and liquor.

Orange or Citrus Cake - A lighter alternative, the moist tangy flavour of citrus works well for summer and garden weddings.  Enhance the citrus flavours with chocolate or fresh cream fillings.

Fruit Cake - The traditional choice that many couples still choose for the top layer of their cake. Traditional fruit cake travels well and also freezes to be eaten on your first wedding anniversary or for the birth of your first child.  Try a marzipan or fondant filler or jams and marmalades make lovely fillers too.

Marble Cake - Marble a chocolate mud with strawberry and vanilla to create a neopolitan or marble effect.  Perfect for anyone who can't decide! 

Carrot Cake - Carrot cake is a wonderful flavour for a wedding cake, particularly less formal celebrations.  The cake tastes moist and healthy and almost everyone loves indulging in its heavy texture.  Fillings to complement include buttercream, lemon cream and cream cheese frosting.

Jaffa Cake - Orange and chocolate make a beautiful combination and a jaffa cake will surprise and delight your guests.  The tang of the orange cuts away a little of the heaviness and sweetness of the chocolate.  Team with a lemon cream frosting or chocolate ganache.

Menzabicca - A traditional cake also known as the Continental Cake.  This cake includes three layrs of vanilla sponge with lots of custard, fruit and strawberries in between.  A light alternative to the traditional cake.

Croquembouche - Ok, so not really a flavour but a cake alternative.  Croquembouche is a tower of profiteroles make of chocolate or vanilla custard and then drizzled with toffee. 

Caramel Mud Cake - Caramel is a great alternative to chocolate mud.  The texture is similar but not as heavy as a chocolate mud cake.  Think of the flavour as a yummy Caramello Koala in a cake.  Fillings to complement include caramel ganache as well as buttercream frosting.

Banana Cake - A little bit of an Aussie take, the banana cake can be a lovely fresh alternative to the traditional heavy cakes served at weddings.  Try teaming with plain whipped cream, buttercream or cream cheese fillings.  Also yummy with chocolate.

Vanilla Sponge - Vanilla sponge when cooked to perfection and very freshly served can be a beautiful choice for a beach or outdoor wedding.  Team with fresh berries and whipped cream for a beautiful dessert.

White Chocolate Mud Cake - White chocolate is sweeter than the milk or dark varieties and the white chocolate mud makes a pretty cake for a wedding.  So if you have a sweet tooth and want a perfectly white cake, this is definitely the choice for you.  Team with buttercream or berry fillings.  You could also choose citrus or liquor alternatives for contrast.

Red Velvet Cake - Red velvet cake is a red coloured cake usually coloured with food colouring or beetroot.  This American style cake is wonderful for weddings as it shouts romance.  Team with vanilla buttercream, cream cheese or chocolate fillings.

Peppermint Mud Cake - The peppermint mud is a great layer for your cake as it will surprise your guests.  Think of the flavour as an after dinner mint and you have the idea!  Match with a chocolate ganache filling.

Butterscotch Mud Cake - Flavour your white chocolate cake with butterscotch for the perfect warm wedding cake.  We love this cake for winter weddings and weddings held in Autumn.  Fillings to complement include dulce de leche, buttercream or a cream cheese frosting.

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