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Ideas for Kids Parties Games


Finding fun children's party games to play at your birthday party is critical to keeping the momentum of the party going and keeping little monsters happy!  Here are some of our best tried-and-tested kids party games for you to try:

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ask all the children to lie down on the floor or grass.  Each child must have his or her head on another child's belly.  The kids should form a chain, so that every child has another child's head resting on his or her belly, as well.  On the word ‘go', the first child you point to should say "Ha!" The one whose head is on that child's belly should then say "Ha! Ha!" the third should say "Ha! Ha! Ha!" and so on.  The aim of the game is to make it around the chain before hilarity sets in!

Balloon Relay

Assemble your guests into two teams, and ask them to line up in single file.  The first player in each team holds a balloon.  On the word ‘go', each lead player passes the balloon between his or her legs to the next person in line. Each recipient, in turn, passes the balloon overhead to the teammate directly behind.  The balloon is passed alternately between players' legs and over players' heads all the way down the line. When the last person receives the balloon, he or she races to the front of the line and the balloon pass resumes.  The relay continues until one of the original players regains position at the front of her line and pops the team balloon.

Treasure Hunt

Buy a selection of wrapped candies and chocolates in advance.  Scatter them around the party venue or backyard prior to the children's arrival.  Assemble the children and ask them to find the treasure (make sure the older kids help the younger ones find an equal share of treasure!)

Chinese Whispers

Players sit in a circle on the floor.  One person is assigned the task of whispering a message to the child on their right.  The message is passed around the circle clockwise until it returns to the first child, who then relays the final message to the group, and compares it with the original message.

Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is always a hit at parties.  Simply wrap each layer of paper with a prize, such as balls, bubbles, headbands, hairclips, crayons, toy cars, sweets and small plastic animals.  Play some music and ask the children to pass the parcel around in a circle.  Each time the music stops the child holding the parcel can open a layer to reveal a prize.

Duck, Duck Goose

Ask all children except one to sit in a circle facing each other. The remaining child goes around the circle, tapping each child gently on the head and saying ‘duck'.   When the tapper says ‘goose', the child whose head has been touched must jump up and chase the tapper around the circle.  It's the tapper's task to run around the whole circle and land back in the goose's spot without being tagged by the goose.  If the tapper succeeds, the goose becomes the new tapper and the game continues. But if the goose catches the tapper, the tapper continues his or her walk around the circle.

Musical Statues

Play some fun party music and ask the children to start dancing.  Explain to them that each time the music stops they must freeze.  They must stand perfectly still until the music starts again.  Each child who moves must leave the game, with the last child standing declared the winner.

Obstacle Course

Organise an obstacle course in your back yard, with a mystery for the kids to solve and a character to interfere with the fun!  Design your obstacle course to complement your theme.  For instance, a pirate obstacle course could include a ‘walk the plank' element, digging for treasure in the sandpit and dodging water balloons fired from a pirate ship.  You can draw a map of the backyard with an X to mark the spot of the treasure they must find. 

What's in the Bag?

Before the party, place a number of objects inside a bag. Select items with interesting shapes and textures that can also be prizes.  Sit the children in a circle and pass the bag around.  When the music stops, each child feels for an object inside and guesses what they've found without looking.  If they guess right, they get to keep the prize.


There's nothing like the fun of whacking a piñata until the candy rains from the sky!  Top off your party with a piñata to complement your party theme: a clown piñata for a circus party, a pig piñata for your farmyard party, a fairy piñata for little girls or a dinosaur piñata for the boys.  Pink Frosting even has special character piñatas, such as Dora the Explorer and The Wiggles.

Dig for Treasure

Fill a shoebox or bucket with clean sand and a few plastic rhinestones or toy rings and ask each child to sift for treasure.  Each child takes turns until each one has a prize.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

The old favourite of Pin the Tail on the Donkey can now be adapted to suit your party theme.  Use your imagination and creativity and create a pin the cutlass on the pirate, pin the red nose on the clown or pin the star on the fairy.  Dora-themed Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is always a hit.

Craft Table

Set up a craft table with baskets of crayons and coloured pencils, glue sticks and stars, glitter, ribbon, tinsel, jewels, sequins and stickers.  Pre-make hats, swords, crowns or wands - whatever suits your party theme.  Ask each guest to decorate his or her chosen craft item to their heart's delight. 

Pink Frosting's online kids party shop sells a gorgeous and fun range of unique kids party games for you to try at your birthday party.

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