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Ideas for Hosting a Las Vegas Themed Wedding or Party


No place on earth can have a bigger electricity bill than Las Vegas!!!!! An amazing beacon of colourful lights that light up the middle of a desert!  People say how stunning the view is as you fly in over Vegas at night! What a wild and wonderful place! I always think if you are a person who drives eagerly around at Christmas looking at streets and houses adorned with Christmas lights, then you would love to experience this stunning, larger than life, city of bling!

A real Vegas Wedding!

I can’t believe technology is so good these days that you can attend a Vegas wedding in the comfort of your own home in your PJ’s without the hassle of having to go out and buy an outfit!!!

 I found myself attending a wedding of this very nature just over a month ago!!! My cousin went to Vegas to get married but he and the bride-to-be actually organised it all before they went. I was very surprised how tasteful it was and not the sort of cheesy ceremony you see in movies!

Firstly they sent out Las Vegas Save The Date Cards  with all the details of the ceremony and how you to log online and actually see the ceremony in real time! They had picked a Victorian chapel, which was mostly white and had white pews and lovely flowers tastefully arranged around it. As they had both been married before, they took their daughters out with them to be bridesmaids and witnesses.

The ceremony started with some music and then the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle. Each girl stood on opposite sides at the altar and then the bride and groom walked down the aisle hand in hand. The celebrant then said some nice things about marriage and commitment and then they said their vows and gave each other rings. Can you believe the whole ceremony took just over 7 minutes!!!  It seemed so much longer when watching it! After they were pronounced man and wife they walked back down the aisle to music hand in hand!

 How wonderful to have a wedding all your family and friends can attend yet not be there in the flesh! It sounds so futuristic! I’m sure it won’t be too long before we are able to have holographic images of all our guests sitting in the pews!!!!

Need I say, the bride and groom had a wonderful time staying in Vegas visiting all the sights on the Strip and of course having a small flutter at the casinos. They then returned and threw a party for family and friends.

A Vegas themed wedding party!

So you are back from your Vegas wedding and want to share the experience with your family and friends in an after-party. Pinkfrosting has a brilliant Las Vegas range to set the whole event up. Even if you just want to throw a Vegas themed wedding party and haven’t actually been there, bring the Vegas Strip home with these brilliant ideas:

These are just a few ideas to get the party started but what about lights??!!!!! You need the house to be lit up like a beacon to imitate this great city and give the party bling!

  • Perhaps you could make a mini Vegas on the front lawn with landmark hotels, statues and ornaments all strung with fairy lights. I’m sure making a mini pyramid and sphinx with cardboard or paper mache wouldn’t be too hard, also a miniature Eiffel tower out of chicken wire. You could even set up a fan sprinkler to imitate the famous jet spray fountains that pop up outside the Bellagio hotel!

Inside, continue the lighting theme with water columns, lava lamps and fairy lights. You can also decorate with a casino theme and use Cards and Dice Theme Balloons, and casino hanging decorations. Continue this theme on the buffet table by using casino plates, napkins, coasters and cups!


Everyone knows that stars like Cher, Celine Dion, and Elton John perform at the Mirage Vegas and other such venues. Hire, or borrow a karioke machine and get teams to mimic the stars and award prizes for the most convincing singers!

Set up your own casino at home

  • Get two large foam dice (or make them from two squares of foam and black permanent marker pen used to draw on dots) and have a larger than life dice blackjack game of out in the garden. The aim to throw the dice and get to 21 without busting!
  • Buy a casino game that contains a roulette table, card set and chips then set up different games around the house.


The party wouldn’t be Vegas if you don’t have a range of colourful cocktails available for your guests. If you have a family member who is good at shaking a cocktail mixer, get him to dress up in a waistcoat and stand behind the bar shaking cocktails for your guests! Serve in Mini Martini Glasses and for longer cocktails use Cocktail Parasol Straws - bendy straws and parasols combined! Also, use glowing LED ice cubes!!!! These are amazing waterproof ice cubes that can be put in drink glasses and even used as decorations on the table or in vases!!!

With all these ideas, how easy is it to throw a Vegas party with the help of the Las Vegas party decorations at Australia’s #1 party shop?!!!

Enjoy bringing the Vegas strip home and as Austen Powers would say “Vegas Baby yeah!!!!”

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