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Ideas for Bringing Easter Decorations into your Home & Office


My earliest and fondest memories of Easter time was meeting up with my cousins in Somerset England in the springtime where we would go egg rolling in the green hills! Those were the days when Easter wasn’t so commercialised and you looked forward to spending time with family and having some home made fun!

The egg rolling experience started at home, where our parents would give us hard-boiled eggs to decorate. After we had either painted them in bright colours or even created an egg character, we would all pack a Picnic and drive up into the hills. The egg rolling started when we reached the top of a nice green grassy hill scattered with clumps of bright yellow daffodils. We would all throw our eggs down the hill and watch as they rolled higgledy-piggledy down the bumps and furrows! The object of the game was to get our egg down to the bottom first and the person’s egg with the most damage won!

 Ultimately you would end up having to run down the hill to keep throwing your egg until it got to the bottom! It was such fun and we actually ended up peeling the rest of the egg and eating it with our picnic once we’d finished! I guess a bit of dirt and grass never hurt anyone, or that’s what my Mum used to say! With this in mind, I thought how wonderful it would be to bring this tradition home.

Decorate the garden and the children’s play area with some Easter Bunny Hopping Pastel Assorted Balloons and Florama Party Bunting Flags. The kids can then decorate their own eggs and take turns rolling them down a slippery dip in the back garden! They could have 5 rolls each and see whose egg survived the best after each round!

Decorate the house to give it a lovely Easter feel. Sometimes simple is best!


  • Use multicoloured popcorn strung on long lengths of thread across the room to bring an old fashioned feel to the home.
  • Also, you can bed a small tree branch into a Violet Tin Pail and hang some lovely wooden or chocolate eggs from it with ribbon. Attach ribbon bows on the branches and finish off by wrapping lengths of stringed popcorn around your mini tree like tinsel. This will create an Easter version of a small Christmas tree and will look spectacular as a table centrepiece. To complement this creation place ceramic baby chick salt and pepper shakers beside it and bring a beautiful Easter feel to the family dinner table.
  • Continue the Easter feel through the home by placing a pink or blue scented egg shaped soap in the bathroom. Each time family members wash their hands, the beautiful scent will be associated with Easter time.


 Lastly, Easter is the perfect excuse to bring the warm glow of candles into the home. The table, shelves or mantelpiece will look beautiful with floating candles in glass bowls or vases and the children will love cute duck candles in a line on the shelf in their rooms or even in the bathroom.

Easter is a time for families, so decorate your home with warmth and bring this tradition home each year.


Bringing Easter decorations and a bit of fun into the office!


We all know at most workplaces these days it’s getting harder and harder to find time to take a coffee break let alone sharing a nice morning tea with colleagues. This year make Easter the excuse you all need to take that well deserved break and dedicate some time to put on an Easter morning or afternoon tea.


  • One week before the Easter break get everybody in the mood by decorating your office and morning tea area with Easter Bunny Hopping Pastel Assorted Balloons. These don’t take long to put up, so your boss won’t give you disapproving looks! Also, if you use an Easter Table Decorations Kit it will quickly liven up the tearoom table up and give you a fabulous Easter feel!
  • Paper chain decorations are the perfect solution to individual offices. Again, they are quick to put up and give the festive Easter feel to brighten up your work area. These can also be put in a storage box and brought out again for birthdays, parties and office celebrations during the year.

Why not have Office Easter bunny lucky dips?

  • Get colleagues to buy little gifts to an agreed value and then pop them in Easter Bunny Themed Party Favour Bags. When no one is looking, let them put the gift in a brightly decorated cardboard box full of shredded paper.
  • When afternoon tea arrives, serve the cakes on beautiful Spring Bunny Paper Dessert Plates and enjoy the fun as your work colleagues take it in turns to pick out a present!

For the perfect Easter office drink, mix a spoonful of Nutella with coffee and fresh cream in Spring Bunny Paper Beverage Cups. Finish by sprinkling the top with broken Easter egg chocolate! It’s sweet and indulgent but it puts an Easter twist on a plain coffee and everyone will enjoy it!!

By the time everyone has enjoyed the afternoon tea, you’ll be so glad you made the effort to brighten the place up with Easter decorations and colourful tableware!

Whether you are celebrating Easter at home or in the office, Pink Frosting's inexpensive range will inspire you to make decorating your venue special this Easter time!

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