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Ideas for Baby Showers on a Budget


When you're about to have a baby, money can be tight as you're shelling out for so many new necessities for your nursery and bundle of joy.

Hosting a baby shower needn't be expensive. Of course you can go all out, but you can also create a fun baby shower on a budget. Just spend wisely.  Here's how:

  • Choose your theme carefully.  You may think Winnie the Pooh is oh so cute, but your enthusiasm may wane when you realise how much you need to pay for themed tableware, decorations and gifts to match! 
  • Make your own gorgeous baby shower invitations.  Try invitations in the shape of a bib, baby's bottle or pram.  Or cut out pictures of babies and make collage cards or feature an ultrasound picture of the real guest of honour!  For more ideas and inspiration, check out Pink Frosting's range of D-I-Y craft and stationery supplies.
  • Choose an afternoon or morning tea, rather than a lunch or dinner.  Your guests won't be expecting a full meal, and instead will be delighted with finger food, cakes and a cup of tea! 
  • Alternatively, ask your guests to each bring a plate of food to share.  Let them know your theme on the invitation and ask them to provide a dish that complements that theme.
  • Buy in bulk.  If you are making your own favors or stationery, purchasing all your items from the same supplier can save you a fortune.
  • Decorate with items the mum-to-be already has purchased, such as stuffed toys, wall hangings or booties.
  • Most baby shower games are easy to set up without costing you a cent.  And, with a bit of planning, they'll be the highlight of the day!
  • For an inexpensive favor, fill boxes, jars, baby bottles or even baby socks with sweet treats.  Try filling gorgeous pram boxes inspired by Victorian English prams or personalised monogrammed jars with candy from your local supermarket.

Other fun ideas to create a cheap baby shower without making it look "cheap" are:

  • Find a co-host.  Spread the cost of the shower around. If you have a friend or two help you by co-hosting the shower, you can share the responsibility, and the cost, equally.
  • Keep your invitations simple.  If you look around and choose carefully you can always find bargains. Check the Pink Frosting website for invitations that are on sale – you’ll save a fortune.
  • Reuse and recycle!  Try reusing old decorations – especially if you’ve had an earlier baby shower.  Make your own simple but beautiful decorations – fairy lights, balloons, fresh flowers from your garden or pretty candles. 
  • Simple yet spectacular centrepieces.  Place baby care supplies such as lotion, ointments and wipes in the centre of the table, tied together with balloons – Baby Shower Adorable Ark balloons are pretty and inexpensive.
  • Serve up simple fare.  Keep the food for your shower very simple. Hold your shower between meal times, say in the early afternoon. Then you can serve finger foots such as platters of fruit, dips and chips.
  • Self cater.  Do the cooking yourself, it’s much cheaper to make your own food, and you can use your ingenuity to create simple, but tasty treats for your guests. 
  • Cupcakes are always a winner.  Make your own using a simple vanilla recipe and serve them up in special wrappers – Pink Frosting’s Ocean Blue Cupcake Wrapper is easy to assemble and makes a marvelous cupcake tree centerpiece for your table.
  • Ask your friends to 'bring a plate'.  They will enjoy showing off their cooking prowess, as well as contributing to your baby shower.

Pink Frosting sells a gorgeous range of budget baby shower party supplies, favours and decorations to help you create a fun baby shower without breaking the budget.  Visit Pink Frosting's baby shower shop online.

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