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Ideas for a Winnie the Pooh Party Theme


Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood celebrated their friendship with garden parties and picnics along with lots of adventures. Take a leaf out of their book and celebrate your Winnie party outdoors - with plenty of honey of course!

Winnie the Pooh party invitations

Pink Frosting has the most delightful Winnie the Pooh invitations, or you could make your own invitation in the shape of a honey pot.  Consider some wording such as:

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood
where Winnie and his friends play
you'll find the enchanted neighbourhood
where we'll celebrate [name's] birthday.
Join Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo
Rabbit, Owl and Piglet too
On [date] at [time]
RSVP to Christopher Robin on [phone number].

Winnie the Pooh party costumes

Of course a Winnie the Pooh costume is the order of the day!  Start with a yellow tracksuit with a hood and a red t-shirt.  Simply cut the bottom of the t-shirt so that it ends just above the waist (no sewing required).  Fashion the word ‘Pooh' with white cotton rope and use a glue gun to secure the rope to the t-shirt.  Cut some yellow pieces of felt into the shape of ears and sew onto the hood with a needle and thread.  Paint your child's face with yellow face paint and add some black for nose and eyebrows.  Voila!

Winnie the Pooh decorations

Gardens, puddles, bears, ‘roos and more should be your inspiration!  In The World of Pooh, A.A. Milne writes about a party Christopher Robin throws for Winnie the Pooh. Christopher sets a long table and the friends all have a grand picnic in the sunshine, under a shady tree. Take this as inspiration and host your party outdoors, even on picnic rugs. 

If you decide to deck out a table, then go for honey pots as your centrepieces (you can simply paint some jars brown and write ‘hunny' across them).  For an extra festive touch, string yellow paper lanterns through the trees in the backyard and complement with bright balloons.  Pink Frosting also has a fabulous range of Winnie the Pooh tableware to add extra oomph to the picnic!

Winnie the Pooh food suggestions

Serve finger food inspired by Pooh - carrots, honey sandwiches, honey joys, beestings, cupcakes and homemade lemonade.  Use cookie cutters to make animal shapes for Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo and Eeyore and decorate with sprinkles.

For the cake, go all out and make precious little beehive cupcakes using a standard vanilla recipe for the base, decorated with yellow-dyed frosting spiralled around the top. Wind tiny strings of black-strap liquorice around the spirals to create the beehive look. Top with a pipe cleaner bee which you can pick up at your local $2 store.

Winnie the Pooh games

Create Rabbit's Garden in your backyard for a treasure hunt. It's much less messy if the carrots are paper and the soil is black plastic! Use some hardy cardboard as your white picket fence and don't forget to put up some signs straight from The World of Pooh to make it authentic: ‘Rabit's Garden'.

Play the old-standard "Pin the tail on the donkey" with a large cut out of Eeyore, making the tails out of grey and pink ribbon.

For some crafty fun, have the kids paint some "drippy honey pots" to take home. Or set up a colouring corner, with a range of pre-copied Winnie and friends pictures for the guests to colour.

Winnie the Pooh party favours

Favors and game prizes can be presented in cute little Winnie the Pooh loot bags, which can be filled with lollies, stickers, party crackers, crayons, plastic animals, bubbles, balloons and party blowers.

Winnie the Pool thank you notes

Don't forget to thank your guests for joining you in the Hundred Acre Wood!  You can make thank you notes together with your children.  You can even make your own free customised cards online!

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