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Ideas for a Rustic Australian Wedding Theme


Guest contributor: Ms Polkadot
from Polkadot Bride

Embrace the style and unique beauty of the Australian landscape with a touch of glamour for a wedding that is truly Australian.


Start with a palette of soft colours reflective of the Australian landscape - soft grey greens, rust brown reds, whites and greys, soft pinks, deep reds. In winter use winter whites and grey/blue or grey/green, or warm it up with soft pink and darker reds.


Find decorative items such as rusting horseshoes, silver galvanised buckets full of native flowers, mirrors glinting on walls, burlap orhessian table cloths, kerosene lamps, rustic baskets, enamel ware, old doilies and linen, old wooden tables, bentwood chairs, crystal glassware and old dinner sets. These could be borrowed from relatives and friends or have fun hunting through your local markets, or antique shops. Sometimes you can find cheaper lacy linen from shops such as Spotlight which you can tea dye to ‘age’. An old wooden cart with metal wheels can also contribute add to the ambience, as can hay bales dotted about for casual seating.


Think iconic Australian offerings: Australian wine, Haighs chocolate, Australian native seeds, small pots made of Australian clay filled with sweets or seeds, small bottles of Australian olive oil, containers of Australian native spices and herbs, bottled sauces and syrups made with Australian native ingredients.  For some real fun, cram a fun basket with little jars of vegemite, Milo and Tim Tams, alongside homemade jams and pickles or chutneys.


Try printing your stationery with images of Australian native flowers, an old settler’s cottage or farmhouse (particularly if those have a special meaning for you). Perhaps an artistic person could sketch a scene which has special meaning to you and have it printed in your theme colours on your stationery. Or if you want to be more subtle, find a motif that is attractive and print it in your wedding colours.


Leucadendrons, flannel flowers, gum tree or wattle foliage comes in all sorts of different shapes and subtle variations of colours, and work well alongside kangaroo paws, banksias, hakeas, berries, peppercorn tree berries, gumnuts, native clematis, proteas (not strictly Australian, but would look wonderful in large vases) and boronia. Australian natives tied with silk ribbon in brown, soft pink, soft grey/green can look spectacular and pick up the subtle colours of the Australian bush.

Wedding attire

In summer, choose soft, cool and comfortable fabrics, with bare shoulders, pretty jewelled sandals – dress for the heat with perhaps a wrap for the cooler evening. Men will relish the less formal attire - light coloured, lightweight suits, perhaps in lighter colours, with jackets tossed aside as the day gets hotter, and no ties!

Heavier fabrics for suits and dresses, darker colours and closed shoes, perhaps with warmer wraps for the bride and bridesmaids, will deal with our often changeable weather in autumn and winter.

Food and beverages

Don’t be afraid to serve up Australian favourites - meat pies, the good old Aussie roast, silverside and white sauce, damper with golden syrup, pavlova, custard slice with passionfruit icing, sponge cake with cream and fruit or passionfruit icing, and scones with jam and cream.  More adventurous gourmets could try native Australian foods such as kangaroo or crocodile, but add some traditional desserts and drinks such as peach melba, banana split, billy tea, iced tea, lemon delicious, chocolate self saucing pudding and fruit pies. Beer is a must – so include Australian boutique beers on the menu – together with Australian wines and homemade lemon cordial.


Great Aussie views - whether in the country, by the beach or in the city - add to the Australian ambience.  Look for country or bush wedding venues, gardens or paddocks on a farm, country or beach resorts, , a weathered verandah or deck in a garden or a space by the water to make the most of our great weather, not to mention wineries in the Autumn or snow resorts in the winter.


Keep the vibe light and joyous with a bush band for a ‘good ole down home time’. For a real Aussie vibe, a playlist of familiar Australian country music may even inspire the odd sing-a-long! Local bands and singers can add a personal touch. Above all, have music played that inspires your guests to kick up their heels and enjoy the unique hospitality that is a rustic Australian wedding.

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