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Ideas for a Princess Party Theme


Every little girl is a princess, but princess parties only come once in a lifetime! Give your girl the fantasy party of her dreams with princess costumes, crowns, a throne and plenty of magic moments. 

Princess party invitations

Princess party invitations can be royal scrolls, glass slippers, castles or dragons.  Pink Frosting's beautiful fairy invitations with pink, purple and green sparkles, will really wow your guests.  For extra magic, sprinkle your invitations with gold glitter and silver stars.  And some perfect princess wording may go something like this:

Hear ye, hear ye! 
All fair princesses and fearless princes!
Princess [name] requests your presence
at a party for her birthday on [date]
from [time] at the [your last name] castle.
Festivities will include games, cake, treats and
food fit for little royals and rascals,
as well as Kings and Queens.
Dress in your finest princess or prince attire.

Princess party costumes

Princesses are famous for loving pink.  Think voluminous skirts from tulle, tutus, pink party dresses with ribbons, flowers, silk and lace handkerchiefs, ballet slippers and feather boas. Tiaras can be made from wire garlands, flowers, ribbons and tinsel.  Raid the dress up box for jewels, beads, bracelets and rings.  Your little princesses will delight in their head-to-toe splendour.

Princess party decorations

Are you ready to transform your home into a castle and your back yard into a fairytale realm?  Set the mood for your princess party with delightful decorations like a balloon archway and a royal red carpet entrance.  String pink paper lanterns along the path to your backyard, or dot your trees with flickering fairy lights.  If you're really crafty, create a throne for your princess to sit in when it's time to cut the cake. 

Try swathing the party room in pink tulle from floor to ceiling, and cover the party table in pink streamers, weighted helium balloons, confetti, glitter and gems.  And don't forget princess themed plates, cups and napkins.

Princess party games

Set the scene with the music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake.  Fill a shoebox with clean sand and a few plastic rhinestones or toy rings and ask the princesses to sift for gems.  Have the princesses take turns until each one has a prize.

A novel twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey is Kiss the Frog.  Cut out a frog shape, as well as a pair of lips for each princess.  Blindfold each and point her in the right direction to pin her kiss on the Frog Prince.  The most accurate smoocher wins.

Or try telling the story of the Princess and the Pea and then invite each little princess to see how she'd go detecting the pea.  Everyone can take turns sitting on four pillows arranged in a row on the floor (one has the carefully concealed ‘pea' - or ball - underneath).

Set up a craft table with baskets of crayons and coloured pencils, glue sticks and stars, glitter, ribbon, tinsel, jewels, sequins and stickers.  Pre-make princess hats, crowns or star-shaped wands from pink poster board.  Fasten a pretty pink ribbon to each hat and a piece of dowel to the wands.  Ask each princess to decorate her chosen craft item to her heart's delight. 

Another craft idea is to help the princesses string beautiful beads in different shapes, sizes and colours on elastic cord to make magical necklaces.

One of the sweetest party activities is making sugar cube castles.  Each princess is given a disposable plate and a bowl of sugar cubes.  Show them how to construct a castle by layering icing sugar and sugar cubes on top of each other.  Add sweets and pink food colouring for decoration.

Princess party food

Snacks and drinks that are coloured in princess pink are always top of the list.  A menu fit for a princess may include dainty butterfly cupcakes or petit fours, star cookies decorated with sparkly sprinkles, mini scones or cream puffs and pink lemonade poured into pretty punch glasses.  For healthy options, consider Cinderella's chocolate dipped strawberries or Snow White's apple slices.

And who can forget a princess birthday cake?  The Australian Women's Weekly Kids' Party Cakes book has a pretty princess and her palace of dreams.

Princess party party favours

Sparkly hair clips, fairy wands, lip balm, beads, bracelets and rings that say Princess on them, princess books, butterfly pens and notepaper, candy jewellery and pretty stickers are just the take-home tokens little princesses are sure to fancy.  These can be housed in a party favour boxes (such as Pink Frosting's enchanted carriage boxes) or in little purses or pretty paper bags.  And for a magical party favour your princess guests will remember forever, give them each a jewelled crown tea light favour.

Princess party thank you cards

Princesses are famed far and wide for their graciousness and good manners, so make sure your little princess sends out magical thank you cards to her guests afterwards!

Pink Frosting sells a gorgeous range of Princess themed kids party supplies, invitations, decorations and favours to help you bring a princess party theme to life for your little princess' birthday.

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