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Ideas for a Pirate Party Theme


Ahoy me hearties!  It's time to weigh anchor and set sail for a pirate party.  If you're looking for the best ideas and inspiration to make your pirate party a success, you've come to the right place!  Aargh!

Pirate invitations

Send out shipwrecked invitations with treasure maps to get the guests in the mood for marauding!  For some fun words, try:

Ahoy there Matey!
Ye be invited fer some birthday adventures at
Captain [child's name] buccaneer bash. 
So, chart yer course for [address] on [date]. 
We'll be meetin' at [time] fer some swashbuckling fun, grub and kiddie spirits. 
Wave yer flag if you be attendin,
or have yer mum send word by yer phone to [phone number]. 
Wear your best seafarin' garb.  Sees ye there... Aargh! 

If drawing isn't your strong point, Disney's website has a great printable map.

Pirate costumes

Think bandanas, eye patches, gold hoop earrings and fake beards.  Pirates carry cutlasses, pistols and muscats, hobble on peg legs and have hooks instead of hands. 

Try dressing your child as a shipmate with a bandana, torn cut-off jeans and a dirty mop - you'll love the cut of his jib!  Or for a seafaring pirate captain, try making a parrot from papier mâché.

Pirate decorations

You don't have to raid your treasure chest to host this party!  Many of the decorations can be made at home - others can be purchased cheaply online.

Hang a Jolly Roger flag at the front of the house to welcome guests (or fly it from a flagpole), and string Jolly Roger bunting and lanterns through the trees in your backyard.  Light tiki torches to lead the way and illuminate messages such asBeware - Pirates', ‘Enter at ye own risk' andNo landlubbers allowed'

Another idea is to have guests enter your house along a gangway.  And if you are really crafty, fashion a pirate ship from plywood, which can be painted black and adorned with the skull and cross bones.

If it's an indoor event, bunch red, black and white balloons in the corners of the party room.

Pirate food suggestions

The food tables can be laden with pirate treasure chests, filled with fake pearls, jewels, chocolate coins and other treats.  Add to the look by scattering extra chocolate coins, toy rings and necklaces.

Ice cupcakes with black icing and adorn each with a small cocktail flag featuring the skull and cross bones (or try using the flags to decorate mini franks or party pies). You could also decorate cupcakes by painting the Jolly Roger on them with icing.

Make chocolate rum balls and arrange them beside a fake canon to look like canon balls at the ready!

Other food may include fish fingers, ribbon sandwiches with little sails on them to look like boats, or ‘desert islands' - pieces of fruit, to prevent scurvy, speared with cardboard palm trees.  And don't forget to serve them all on pirate plates.

Avast!  For the best pirate cake, The Australian Women's Weekly Kids' Party Cakes book has the easy-to-make Ghostly Galleon Ship cake.

Pirate games

Shiver me timbers!  Pirate games are so much fun!  And nothing beats a pirate treasure hunt for gold coin chocolates.  Make a map of the backyard (wipe it with a wet teabag for that authentic look) and hide treats for each guest at various points on the map, leading up to a pirate piñata where X marks the spot!

Ask your guests to walk the plank.  Place two milk crates on each side of a kids' pool and lay a piece of wood over it.  Cut out shark fins from cardboard, and add them to the pool for extra effect.  (For an alternative, lay a blue tarpaulin or sheet beneath the plank for water, or for smaller children, simply lay a plank of wood on the ground).

Play ‘Pass the Captain's Hat' - ask the children to sit in a circle and pass around a black pirate's had to the music.  When the music stops, that child wins a prize.

Ready, aim, fire!  Make cutouts of pirate ships and line them up along a table.  Give each guest a handful of small water bombs and see who can bomb the ships.

Pirate party favours

Loot may include individual treasure chests filled with black-and-white candy, chocolate coins, pirate tattoos and stickers, a telescope or a sword, an eye patch or cool pirate bandages!

Pirate thank you notes

Don't forget to thank your guests for their gifts of treasure!  Your child will love making pirate-inspired thank you notes, or you can purchase swashbuckling stationery online.

Pink Frosting sells a fun range of pirate party supplies, pirate party invitations, decorations, favours and more to help you bring your pirate party to life!

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