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Ideas for a Great 18th Birthday Party


Turning 18 is one of life's momentous occasions.  You are officially "legal" and able to participate in many adult activties you've previously only dreamed about... So, how do you celebrate your 18th?  Here are some great ideas for pulling together an awesome 18th birthday bash that you and all your mates will adore!

Fancy Dress

You've waited this long to turn 18 and drink legally, so why not celebrate with a fancy dress celebration where you get to sip on champagne and get all tussed up for a fun night either on the town or at home?  Here are some of our favourite fancy dress party themes for an 18th birthday party:

  • Tropical Beach Theme - Try Hawaii 5-0, Baywatch or lost on a tropical island.  All are fun for a barbecue in your backyard, especially if you have a pool.
  • James Bond - Ask your guests to come dressed as a James Bond character or a Bond Girl and watch the sophistication fly!  If you have the budget, organise a bar tender to create your own Bond cocktails for the night.
  • Superhero - If you ask your guests to come dressed as their favourite super hero character or with a super skill they would love to have you are in for a very fun night!
  • Alphabet fancy dress - Give your guests a letter (such as the first letter of the guest of honour's name) and ask them to dress as something starting with this letter.  You can serve food and drinks all starting with this letter too to keep the theme alive during the night.
  • Colour - If the guest of honour has a favourite colour, this can serve as the colour dress code for the evening.  Take inspiration from Elton John's white party every year and make sure you serve drinks and food in the colour of choice and choose party decorations in the colour scheme as well.
  • Roaring '20s Dinner Party - Get sophisticated not messy with a roaring 20s dinner party inspired by The Great Gatsby.  Choose a delectable menu to serve your friends and lay out your best china and glasses.  Buy a bottle of the best French Champagne you can afford and make sure this is your very first legal sip!  So chic.
  • Year of Birth - This is a really fun fancy dress idea for your 18th.  Get everyone to dress in a costume representing the year the guest of honour was born.  There's heaps of great 80s and 90s gear in op shops to get you inspired.  Don't forget to plan the music from this era as well.  Fun!

Big Birthday Barbecue

If you have a wonderful outdoor space available such as a pool area or barbecue, then your 18th is a great time to celebrate outdoors.  You can decorate your outdoor space with lots of colourful balloons and streamers and beach party decorations.  Hire a caterer who specialises in barbecues or spit roasts and let everyone enjoy the outdoors.  Be very careful with alcohol and the sun - it's always wise to have a few adults there who are completely sober to ensure that nothing gets out of hand.

Treasure Hunt

This one certainly takes some work but wow, you can have a day of fun!  Plan to have everyone meet at a central location and give them all maps and clues to take with them.  The idea of the game is to answer a series of questions or complete tasks which then lead to the next clue.  You could do this right around a city or town, or simply in one large park area.  The more spread out the better as you will find the groups won't follow each other.  If you're playing around your town, make use of the local transport (send your team on trams, trains, buses etc) and local businesses (make sure you get their permission first!). The team that completes the course first wins.  You could end the treasure hunt at your local pub or restaurant to celebrate the end of a most fun day!

Camp Out

A camping 18th birthday bash is a great idea because it means you can all enjoy a few drinks without the worry of needing to get home that night.  The best camp outs include a fire and plenty of warm blankets!  Roast marshmallows, play cricket on the beach and have a gorgeous bbq for your guests.  Don't forget to cater breakfast as your guests will be wanting a fill up the next morning before heading off.

Champagne Breakfast

On the morning of your 18th birthday, why not host a champagne breakfast for you and your friends?  Make it ultra-sophisticated with the best champagne you can afford and some yummy breakfast fare like salmon and eggs.  If you are limited with your budget but want a really chic party, this is a great option.  Limit the amount of guests you invite and model your event on a celebrity breakfast soiree.

No matter what 18th birthday party theme you choose, make it sensible and fun!  You'll find some really gorgeous and unique 18th birthday party decorations and party supplies at Pink Frosting's birthday party supplies shop to bring your theme to life.

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