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Ideas for a Fairy Party Theme


Every little girl's fantasy is a fairy party!  From fairy wings and wands to fairy dust and sparkles, a fairy party can be one of the magic moments of your little girl's childhood.  Here are some ideas for you to try the next time your little girl asks, "Mummy, can I have a fairy party please?"

Fairy invitations

A magical invitation will delight your guests and set the tone of your fairy party.  Think candy pink paper scattered with stars, glitter and dancing fairies. Pink Frosting has a gorgeous range of fairy star invitations or you can make an invitation yourself with a collection of pretty paper and accessories.

Consider some wording such as:

Far, far away in a magical place
Sits a sweet garden fairy, with a soft, smiling face.
[Name] sits and she waits in the warm summer sun,
Bring your wings and your wand for food, flowers and fun.
With fairy games, magic and music galore,
Butterflies, toadstools and oh so much more.
Join us on [date], a magical day.
Please say that you'll come and with fairies we'll play!

Fairy costumes

The best fairy costumes include lots of flowers, ribbons, stars and bells to make your little girl dance with delight. Ballet tutus and pretty dresses make perfect starting points.

Make floral hair wreaths by weaving artificial flowers around florist's wire, or crowns and tiaras from silver cardboard, pasted with jewels.  And don't forget a fairy must have glittering fairy wings, which you can buy or make yourself from sheer fabric or crepe paper.

Fairy decorations

Create a fairyland for the birthday girl by swathing your backyard in white and pink tulle, sprinkled with rose petals and studded with twinkling fairy lights.

Indoors or out, you can create a magical fairy grotto using swags of tulle and delicate fairy lights.  Adorn with artificial flowers and lots of ribbons and bows to decorate.  Or try draping a mosquito net from the centre of a room.  Use the greenery from your own garden to decorate.

For a magical party table, swathe the table in tulle, which can be gathered and tied with curling ribbon or fishing line to create rosettes.  Add ivy and butterflies and make bows out of tulle in contrasting colours.  Present your fairy food in gorgeous fairy-themed tableware

Make large paper flowers from pastel tissue paper. Directions for flowers can be found online and your little fairy guests can take home a flower at the end of the party.

Try bunching pink fairy printed balloons in groups, or float them from the ceiling, tied with silver curling ribbons.  Cut out cardboard stars and butterflies and sprinkle with ‘fairy dust'.   Or for an extra touch of magic, hire a battery operated bubble machine.

The Disney site provides a collection of amazing colouring templates to enlarge for wall decorations and games.  Try the mobile templates which can be colour printed, laminated and used as decorations hanging from balloon strings, or as gift card templates for the loot bags.

Fairy games

Fairies don't come out of their grottos for just anyone!  Your little guests will love a fairy hunt - tell them that only the most special humans ever see fairies, so they must be quiet and follow the directions of the hunt carefully. Place red spotted foam mushrooms around the backyard, create little grottos with rocks and moss and little dancing rings in various locations around the garden. To really help with atmosphere, use lots of fairy lights in dark corners really create magic. Then, you can place little fairies around for the kids to find. Do make it a challenge - they'll enjoy having to look hard!

Pass the Parcel is always a hit at parties.  For a fairy-inspired theme, wrap each layer of pink paper with a fairy themed prize (such as a butterfly pen or sparkling wand) and sprinkle with fairy stars.

Play Fairy Statues (to the tune of the Nutcracker) or try Pin the Star on the Fairy.  Print off a pretty picture of a fairy and pin to a board or wall.  Cut out enough star shapes for each child to have her turn; blind fold each child and ask them to place the star closest to the Fairy Star.

Little girls love craft activities; set up a craft table where the little fairies can make their own wands, crowns or decorate wings (you'll need a collection of pre-cut paper, coloured pens, stars, glitter, tinsel, beads, stickers and ribbons).

Other fairy favourites include a fairy party piñata filled with glitter, stars and sweet treats, fairy dance classes, fairy face painting or a fairy entertainer, who will organise fairy games and face painting.

Fairy food

Keep it simple and keep it pink!  Little fairies will delight in an enchanted fairy tea party with all the trimmings.  Serve scrumptious little morsels like mini meringues, butterfly cakes with pink tinted cream and mini scones with strawberry jam and cream.

Also, imagine fairy bread with pink sprinkles, pink jelly cups, strawberry ice cream cones, pink frosted cupcakes with Turkish delight studded on top, mini pink and white marshmallows threaded on skewers and fairy floss (of course!).  And don't forget to serve Fairy Fizz punch (lemonade with raspberry sherbet) decorated with pink umbrellas.

Fairy party favours

Fill gorgeous pink party bags with fairy treasure such as lollies, lip gloss, toy jewellery, glitter pens, butterflies, fairy stamps and stickers, sparkling wands and princess balloons.  For an extra treat, add a real gold dollar coin inside and a message from the tooth fairy.

Thank you cards

Fairies are known for their delightful manners, so make sure your little fairy sends out magical thank you cards to her guests afterwards!

Pink Frosting sells a gorgeous range of fairy party supplies, decorations, favours and invitations to help you create a beautiful fairy party!

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