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Ideas for a Circus Party Theme


Roll up, roll up!  Bring the Big Top to your house with clowns, acrobats, dancing elephants and jugglers galore!  A circus party theme is great for boys and girls of all ages.  It's bright, fun and kids can enjoy clowning around.

Circus party invitations

Pink Frosting has the most delightful selection of circus-themed invitations to really wow your guests.  Or make your own invitations and consider some wording such as:

Ladies and gentlemen,
children of all ages...
Roll up, roll up!  The circus is coming to town!
On centre stage is our greatest star, [name],
who will attempt some amazing feats, such as Turning A Year Older! 
Consuming Impossible Quantities of Candy! 
And the Fiery, Death Defying Candle Blowout!
Also see Ringo the Lion Tamer, Bopo the Clown,
Hercules the Strong Man and Nellie the Elephant
at a circus extravaganza on [date] at [time].
Join us ringside at [address]
RSVP to the Ringmaster at [phone number].

Circus party costumes

There's always a clown at the circus, so choose bright and baggy clothes, a colourful wig (or brightly coloured hairspray), cone hat with pom poms, oversized shoes and a painted face.  Don't forget the red nose!

If the Ring Master is more your child's style, find a red jacket, black pants and white shirt with big black boots.  A top hat is essential, as is a black moustache and a lion tamer's whip.  Or for an even easier option, try lion, tiger or elephant face paint.

Circus decorations

Decorating for a circus party is loads of fun. Lanterns in bright colours, tulle, plenty of helium filled balloons are just the ticket.  Weighted balloons make eye-catching centrepieces, particularly when matched with brightly coloured tableware.  Make your own circus posters for the walls, cut out clown footprints and pictures of circus performers, and bring your stuffed circus animals to the carnival too. 

Provide a red nose and funny clown wig for all your guests, serve popcorn in genuine popcorn boxes, offer candy apples, bright swirly lollypops and home-made ice cream cones dipped in chocolate.

To make a circus tent, purchase rolls of red, blue and yellow plastic tablecloth.  Tie the ends to a large hoop and hang from the ceiling.  Tack the plastic cloth onto the walls, and then drape the remainder down to the floor for an instant circus tent feel.

One of the best ideas to delight your guests is to transform an extra large appliance cardboard box into your very own popcorn booth.  Have Dad or a family friend work in the booth; issue homemade circus tickets which can be traded for popcorn.

Circus food suggestions

Animal sandwiches will feed even the most ravenous circus performers.  Use cookie cutters to make animal shapes such as elephants, lions, horses and monkeys and decorate with icing and sprinkles.

Carnival-type fruit in the shape of clown faces (grapes for the hat, apples for the face, strawberries for the nose, etc) will be a healthy hit with the kids.

Ice cupcakes with clown faces.  Use plain white frosting as a base, then place two M&Ms in the middle for eyes, a Jaffa for the nose and a Jellybean as the smiling mouth.

No circus is complete without the smell of popcorn!  Fill delightful red and white striped boxes with popcorn.  Your popcorn booth attendant can be on hand to serve.  And hot dogs are a circus favourite too.  Buy mini hot dogs and fresh bread.  Don't forget the tomato sauce!

Themed birthday cakes will work a treat.  Think clown face on a round sponge cake, using an extra-large jaffa as a clown nose and swirly coloured icing as hair. 

Circus games

Take your inspiration straight from the Big Top!  How about teaching the kids how to juggle?  Pin the red nose on the clown? A strong man competition? Old-fashioned apple bobbing? Face painting is always a hit - and why not let the kids do it themselves to create fun clown faces?  Or top off the party with a clown piñata.

A cute craft idea is to spread a table with all the materials to make clown hats.  Make cone hats from white poster board in advance, and then get the kids to add stars, pom poms, glitter, animal shapes and stickers.  Attach elastic to the bottom and voila!

Another fun game is Musical Tightrope.  Simply make a ‘tightrope' by applying a strip of masking tape on the floor, or using a piece of two-by-four wood, spray painted red.  The children can be blindfolded and the person who walks the full length of the tightrope wins a prize.

Of course, if the thought of games seems too much, then consider hiring a clown to entertain the kids with magic tricks and balloon animals!

Circus party favours

Favors and game prizes can be presented in cute little clown themed pom-pom hat favor boxes, which can be filled with lollies, stickers, a clown nose, party crackers, plastic circus animals, bubbles, balloons and whistles.

Circus thank you notes

Don't forget to thank your guests for joining you for the circus celebration!  Your child will love making circus-inspired thank you notes, or you can purchase circus thank you notes at Pink Frosting.

Pink Frosting sells a fun range of circus themed products, party supplies, party invitations, favours and decorations to make your circus theme come to life, conveniently sold online so you can browse and plan your circus party anytime!

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