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Ideas for a Black and White Wedding Theme


Guest contributor: Tanja Radman from Minc Weddings

Black and white may be simple colours on their own, but when paired together to theme a wedding they look amazing! Think style, style, style! A black and white wedding is fairly simple to plan, resulting in a classical, sophisticated, modern, or dramatic look. A black and white theme leans towards the 40s era - remember Casablanca and its timeless elegance. One thing is for certain, with these two colours the options and choices are endless, and perfect for every bride, so enjoy!


Black and white of course! But, keep it simple, and don't overdo the black.  You may decide to introduce some shimmer - maybe with metallic fabrics in your reception decorations; silver lace or diamantes on your invitations and stationery; with stunning crystal chandeliers; or with crystal candelabra as your table centrepieces.

You may like to introduce a hint of another colour, but keep it simple.  Introduce a splash of classic red, but only a minimal amount to keep things very stylish.  Consider a dash of red in your flower decorations or attendants' flowers. You may even decide to use a dramatic red lipstick on the day.

Consider using black and white stripes, polka dots, monograms, or patterns in black and white as a variation to the colours on their own.


There are so many possibilities with black and white when it comes to stationery/  Start with basic white as your background for all the stationery pieces, and introduce black in the following ways: monograms, floral designs, stripes, polka dots, motifs and the printing.  Adding laces, damasks, velvets, sparkles, crystals, diamantes and metallic or grosgrain ribbons in a single colour or striped, or embossing, can also add some black to your design as well as texture.


Start with your transportation - it will be easy to find cars in either black or white, or maybe you might use both!

Imagine entering your ceremony room, dressed in black and white.  Picture chair covers and ties in black and white, white flowers, and a black carpet running down the aisle.

Then you arrive to your reception room - your theme continues. Choose a venue that is a blank canvas - look for all white so that the room decor doesn't clash with your theme colours. If your reception room is not simple, use black accents only to avoid fighting your surroundings.

As you enter, imagine silver picture frames displaying the seating plan printed in black and white. Tables could be dressed in white with black napkins, chairs dressed in black with white sashes, or maybe simple black velvet chairs. Add white flowers and crystal candelabras with black candles as table centrepieces.

Guest place cards should also be in black and white - maybe striped, monogrammed or with a touch of shimmer.  And of course, the guest book should also be in black and white for the guests to sign, with letters to spell out LOVE in either black or white lying beside it.  Incorporate large black floor vases filled with white flowers in the corners of the room, and a black and white checker dance floor. Classic white dinnerware, crystal glassware, both complemented by silverware, create a stylish dinner setting. Tealight candles sitting in white or black holders add a finishing glow.


Once again with a black and white theme your choices are endless, but here are a few suggestions.  Black favour boxes trimmed with grosgrain ribbon, filled with black and white candy or licorice; black and white lollipops or boiled sweets in white monogrammed bags; individually boxed cupcakes decorated in black and white icing; small white scented candles trimmed with black ribbons; dark and white chocolate bonbonniere wrapped in black and white paper; silver metal candy tins filled with monogrammed candy trimmed with black and white ribbons; black organza bags filled with black and white heart chocolates are but a few.


White blooms for purity include: white roses, magnolia, white lilies, gardenia, dahlias, lisianthus, camellias, Arabian Star flowers, tulips, daisies, hyacinths, white orchids, and freesias. You might like to trim your bouquets with a sheer, floaty, fabric for soft contrast, or a black ribbon for something more dramatic. Introducing some rich greenery such as camellia leaves to surround both bouquets, or table settings adds a glamorous touch. With the choices available to you in white, the scents from your flowers will be heavenly!

If you choose to add some black flowers to your bouquets or floral decorations, the choice is more limited, harder to source and more expensive. Some suggestions include: ‘Queen of the Night' a near black tulip; ‘Guinee' or ‘Black Baccara' roses; ‘Black Tie Affair' huge frilly black blooms; ‘Black Out' the deepest, darkest violet; ‘Widow' iris; or violet varieties such as ‘ Black Jack' or ‘Bowles Jack'.

Bear in mind that a simple bouquet or floral decoration will make an elegant statement, especially with a black and white wedding.


With a black and white wedding, you must consider some black and white images of the day. Black and white pictures are always very flattering, and a great way to capture the style and romance.  How fabulous to have a set of photos shot with black and white film in the old style!  We all have wonderful memories of old family photos where everyone looked good.  So, choose a photographer who shoots in black and white, as for years to come you will admire these timeless images of your day.

Wedding attire

With the bride in white there's so much to choose from - but to keep with your colour them, choose something simple yet stylish and sleek.  There's no room for fussy gowns with this theme. Chic, chic, chic is the way to go.

Consider a beautiful A-line gown with a black satin or velvet sash. You may want to think about some black lace in either the bodice of your gown, or your attendants, or maybe a simple, narrow, black waist belt, with a stylish diamante buckle to set off the theme. Crystals somewhere on your gown, or in your headpiece would also suit well.

The obvious choice for the men would be stylish black tuxedos, but don't forget pinstripes, a white tuxedo jacket with black pants, maybe introducing a pinstriped shirt underneath the suit, or a cravat or tie with a black and white design, or in a two tone brocade. Also, don't forget the option of a cummerbund to contrast the men's outfits.  You may even want to have your guests dress in black and white for a truly stunning and stylish day.

Food and beverages

Start the celebrations with ultra classic martinis served with a black olive, handed to your guests by staff dressed in black and white. Canapés could incorporate some black caviar, black olive pesto and black grapes, all served from white platters.

Consider foods like white fish, squid ink pasta, ice-cream sandwiches (between dark biscuits), and strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate for the dinner meal.

Your theme can extend to the wedding cake - maybe a stack of black and white cupcakes iced in different black and white patterns; trim the cake with black satin ribbon; add a touch of black lace if you have lace on your gown; decorate your white cake with a monogram or pattern in delicate black icing; or alternate the tiers with a black and white striped icing.

Pink Frosting sells a glamorous range of black and white wedding invitations, decorations, accessories and so much more to bring your black and white themed wedding day together.

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